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We are the openSUSE Weekly News Team. Since September 29, 2007 we publishing the Weekly News about our Project and some things around.


Submit an Article

If you have found an interesting article or you have written one, just send it (complete or as Link) to own-submit

Mailing List

Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

You can visit us in the IRC. Just choose Freenode, and come in the channel: #opensuse-newsletter.


We meet every saturday to prepare the new issue. The next meeting is at Saturday 2010-06-12, 16:30h UTC. You find the topics on our openSUSE:Weekly news meeting page and the archive at Archive:Weekly news meeting


Team Page in Connect Facebook Fanpage

Brainstorming on the Discussion page

We frequently brainstorm on the discussion page of our team page.


All members should have signed the Guiding Principles.



If you would like to know which Coordinator is responsible for your $LANG? Just look there: openSUSE:Weekly_news_team_coordinators


Translations are done by:

  • French: Jean-Christophe Baptiste
  • German: Matthias Fehring, Sebastian Sch√∂binger, Thomas Hofst√§tter
  • Japanese: Satoru Matsumoto, Naruhiko Ogasawara, Ko Kazaana, Masahiko Hashimoto
  • Polish: Piotrek Juzwiak, BenderBendingRodriguez
  • Russian: Aleksey Osipov, Dinar Valeev, Alexander Melentiev, Eri zaq, Alexander Melentiev, Minton
  • Spanish: Marco Flores
  • Portuguese: Luiz Fernando Ranghetti, Gabriel Fr√≥es Franco, Raul Lib√≥rio, Alexandre de Jesus
  • Indonesian: Masim Vavai Sugianto, Edwin Zakaria
  • Swedish: Geoff Roberts
  • Italian: Giuseppe "hawake" Gran
  • Chinese: Michael Cheah
  • Hungarian: J√≥zsef Giba

Hall of Fame

The openSUSE Weekly News Team says thank you! for their outstanding participation:

  • Stephan Binner
    • Thank you, Stephan, for your support and for always driving us to good results.
  • Rupert Horstk√∂tter
    • Kudos to Rupert Horstk√∂tter for his support and his ideas to connect the newsletter and the forum.
  • dl9pf Talk - Contributions Jan-Simon M√∂ller
    • Thank you Jan. You was the Teamleader for a long time. Sadly you've other things to do. But maybe we see you again in the future.

How to join

First you can write to: Saigkill. Then you can subscribe the marketing list. If you complete your first task in the Weekly News, you can join the Team in If you are an Ambassador the approval process is faster :-)



Skills: medium

At the Moment we have Translators for: German, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Polish, Portuguese, Indonesia, Magyar, Italiano, Chinese and French. We need for each of these languages a second person as representative. If you can speak one or more of these languages, please feel free to contact us.


Skills: medium

We are searching the whole time for people from different sections of the openSUSE project to post news from the subprojects and general Authors who are willing to write stories for the Weekly News. If you are interested contact us!