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Topics current

Meeting 26 06 10

  • Old AI:
  • New AI:


Meeting 01 05 10

  • Old AI:
  • New AI:
    • How we can enhance 'Team Reports' and 'From Ambassadors' corner? --HeliosReds 06:12, 1 May 2010 (UTC)
      • Team Reports
        • Every team can and is encouraged to post its team reports, even if the team is not listed in our template ATM. We can add such teams sub-corner any time if needed.
        • Reports from Testing Team are good example for every team. Every team may have its own tasks and problems, and may always need new blood. Although each team has its own mailing list and IRC channel, reporting its activities widely should be a good chance to attract interested persons.
        • So, let's call for teams which don't provide their reports now to post their reports.
      • From Ambassadors
        • Let's call for Ambassadors to post more reports.
        • When an Ambassador write a blog post about his regional activities in their own language (Non-English), introducing it must be worth enough, if the Ambassador will write a short summary (like Carl does for Forums corner) about it in English.
    • 'Ready table' should be improved according to our new layout.
    • What is the status of a new mail address which is aimed to post news sources to OWN team (

Meeting 13 03 10

  • Old AI:
  • New AI:
    • How can we attract much more attentions to Weekly News and draw much more persons into our work? --HeliosReds 04:03, 27 February 2010 (UTC)
    • Recently, only few persons are constantly participating Weekly News. The main reason why team members cannot participate is, they are busy for their own jobs and works so that they are not able to spend much time for Weekly News as ever. However, the real reason is, IMHO, they don't feel worthy enough to spending their time for Weekly News, because it's not so interesting or attractive for them to work for Weekly News (at least, the priority is lower than other things). So I think it might be good, if we consider how we can make Weekly News much more attractive both for readers and contributers, because one and most important thing we have to fear is, apathy (lack of interest). Below are what I think we have to consider once again:
      • Original EN newsletter
        • For readers
          • What kind of stories do readers get interested in?
          • Any good ideas to make a participatory corner, so that readers can more casually contribute?
        • For staff/contributers
          • How can we make our work more interesting and fun?
          • Ambassadors corner (tentative name), where we can gather up reports from Ambassadors all over the world about their local communities.(See below [1])
      • Translations
        • For readers
          • What kind of stories do readers, who are not good at reading English, get interested in?
            • Most of the announcements are posted only in English. Therefore, people who don't usually read articles in English would not realize what are going on around openSUSE. Interesting and/or important news such as power outage, server maintenance, EOL of any products and major changeover of repositories should be translated into as many languages as possible. That's one of the reason why translations are needed.
            • On the other hand, for example, people who live in Japan would rarely be interested in call for participants to events which take place in Europe.
        • For staff/contributers
          • How can we make translators work more interesting and fun?
            • Collaborating with others always must be more interesting than lonely work. ;-)
            • We, Japanese team, are using EtherPad for collaborating ATM (Example for issue 111). However, this service is planed to be closed at end of March. :-( We have to find another good infrastructure for collaboration.

[1] For example:

Kálmán Kéménczy: New site launched (From Hungary)
"I just would like to inform the list about the launch of the website. This is a small almost-static website to leads the users to the right place, find resources etc. (same functionality as"
  • The point is, we ask Ambassadors to post their local news and reports such as local events, hot topics in their localized mailing lists or Planet and so on to -marketing list. It is not necessarily the original articles to be written in English. Ambassadors will make a short summary about the topic in English, like Carl does in "openSUSE Forums" corner, and post it.

Meeting 12 12 09

  • Old AI:
    • Logos:
    • AI Jan: Logos
    • Refer Site:
      • AI Jan: Refer Site for current_issue
      • AI Sascha: Change the URL in the Startpage for de and hu
        • de fixed
        • hu doesn't exists any Link to Weekly News
      • AI Jan: take ru, pl, sv, it, fr wiki
      • AI AlpVonKri takes es, pt DONE
      • AI HeliosReds takes ja, zh_tw, cn
  • New AI:
    • Reducing the number of Articles in "Tips & Tricks" and "On the Web"

Addendum: 1. Reducing the number of articles in "Tips & Tricks" and "On the Web"

I myself can agree about this proposal. However, I think we have to see once again, what is the main reason why we should reduce/limit the number of articles.

If the main reason is: in order to reduce translator's burden so that more translations can be done, I'm a little bit doubtful.

ATM, FULL translation is only ja - others are LIGHT version or just empty. I think this situation won't change even if we would reduce/limit the number of articles. The reason why translators can't/won't translate is, IMHO, not because there are too many articles to be translated.

So, I'd like to reconsider what kind of articles we should/shouldn't introduce in our Weekly News.

Categorizing articles

In my perspective, all the articles will fall into some categories in 2 elements:

Inside or outside

a) Topics from inside openSUSE community (can be found in Planet SUSE, news.o.o, lizards.o.o, mailing list archives, Forums...)

b) Topics from outside openSUSE community (cannot be found in Planet SUSE, news.o.o, lizards.o.o, mailing list archives, Forums...)

openSUSE-specific or not

1) openSUSE-specific topics

2) Not openSUSE specific but related topics

3) Not directly openSUSE related but general FOSS related topics

In the past, we just introduced a). But there were opinions that many have already read the articles which can be found in Planet SUSE, news.o.o and lizards.o.o, therefore they won't find freshness in OWN. That's why we decided to introduce b) as well.

IMHO, the priority should be:

a)-1) (must be introduced)

[suitable for Announcements, In the Community, Status Updates, Tips & Tricks and Project corner]

b)-1) (should be introduced)

[suitable for On the Web, Tips & Tricks and Project corner]

a)-2) (should be introduced)

[suitable for Planet SUSE, Tips & Tricks and Project corner]

b)-2) (depends on whether interesting or not)

[suitable for On the Web and Tips & Tricks]

a)-3) (depends on whether interesting or not)

[suitable for Planet SUSE and Tips & Tricks]

b)-3) (depends on whether interesting or not)

[suitable for On the Web and Tips & Tricks]

The point is, how we should cover articles in b)-2), a)-3) and b)-3) categories.

So, I'd propose:

  • Set the limit number of articles for each sub corner in Tips & Tricks and On the Web.
  • All the candidates should be put on the dashboard page first. Those are just candidates and the editor have to screen which ones to be introduced according to priority, if too many articles would be collected.

2. Using Twitteraccount for providing news sources


  • What kind of news should we provide via twitter ?
  • Who will/can tweet ?
  • When should we tweet ? - As soon as we find interesting topics ? After which articles will be introduced in OWN and which are not would be decided ?

Meeting 28 11 09

  • Old AI:
    • AI Jan: Refer Site for current_issue
    • AI Jan: Logos
  • New AI:
    • Special corner(s) for the 100th anniversary issue --HeliosReds 01:00, 27 November 2009 (UTC)
      • Editor's Note
      • A brief history of openSUSE Weekly News
      • Congratulatory Messages from:
        • Francis Giannaros (Founding Editor)
        • Zonker (Community Manager)
        • Michael Löffler (Chairman of the Board)
        • Others ? (e.g. Beineri, other Board members, member(s) of Boosters team, Editors teams of other distros such as Fedora, Ubuntu ...)
    • Reviving Statistics of Build Service --HeliosReds 01:00, 27 November 2009 (UTC)
      • Stats can be referenced here.
      • Is the script still need to be improved ?
      • If the script doesn't work well ATM, why don't we add the stats manually ?

Meeting 14 11 09

  • Old Action Items:
    • AI Jan: Refer-Site for current_issue
  • New Action Items:
    • Add section contents about "Project" section (Naruhiko)
      • At this time, we have no policy about "Project section in Section Content page. It might be confused both of editors and readers, because there is no defnition about the projects described this section is inside or outside of openSUSE. It is very clear that we should add contents about "Project" section in Section Content Page, but what kind of content is good?
        We have two or more choice as follows, and my opinion is we should choose Policy 1 (discussed later):
Policy 1. "Project" section should includes outside of openSUSE, and not include either inside openSUSE (e.g. Boosters team) or subproject of openSUSE (e.g. openSUSE Education). openSUSE internal project or subproject should be different place ("Status - Description" or "In the community."
Policy 2. Keep current policy (it's not described clearly), i.e., say just "topics from big projects," but nothing define inside or outside of openSUSE.
Policy 3. Others


We need to clear advantages/disadvantages, then I propose my opinion.
  • Advantages
    • Policy 1.
      It is very clear what kind of topics should put on there. It can help both of editors and readers.
    • Policy 2.
      Nothings to be decided.
  • Disadvantages
    • Policy 1.
      It is difficult to decide that which projects are this range, because there are lots of projects outside openSUSE.
    • Policy 2.
      The ambiguity might cause sometimes editors "where this news should put on?" or readers "why openFATE team and openSUSE Booster team has different position?"
  • My opinion
    • Regarding making clear both of editors and readers, Policy 1 ("Project" section only handles outside of openSUSE) is better.
      The range needs more discussion, just my idea is follows:
  1. KDE
  2. GNOME
  4. Mozilla foundation related projects (Firefox, Thunderbird, et. al)

Meeting 31 10 09

  • New Action Items:
    • AI Jan: Refer-Site for current_issue
    • AI Sebastian: SUSEnews 0.1.5beta released

Meeting 17 10 09

  • New Action Items:
    • AI Sebastian:
      • SUSEnews 0.1.4 beta released
  • Old Action Items:

Meeting 05 09 09

  • New Action Items:
    • AI Satoru:
      • Is there anything we can do for openSUSE Conference 2009 as Weekly News team ?
        • Actually, who will attend the Conf ?
        • Publish a special edition ? If 'Yes', How & When ?
        • Is there any way, translators who won't be able to be there can attend Sascha's talk session remotely ?
      • The more articles we collect, the less translations are done. :-(
        • For the last 2 weeks, only hu(Light), ja and zh_tw(both Full) translations have been available. If a translation sub team has plural (active ;-)) members, translations can be done. However, if only one translator have to translate on his lone, it might be a "ball-busting" work.
          • What does seem sure is that we need more translators and have to continue recruiting, but, are there any good ideas to lower hurdles for (potential) translators ?
  • Old Action Items:

Meeting 22 08 09

  • New Action Items:
    • AI Sebastian:
    • AI Satoru:
      • Load sharing of editing original en newsletter during Jan's 'vacation from newsletter'.
      • Introducing the upcoming events all over the world (e.c. Nicaragua/Opensuse Day@UCA from Ambassador/Events). New corner ? In "Upcoming Events/Meeting" corner ?
      • Categorize articles in 'Tips and Tricks' and 'On the Web' into sub-categories.
        • Since the number of articles in those corners has been increasing, I think they became a little chaotic. So I came up with this idea, so that readers can easily find what they are interested in.
        • For Example:
          • Tips and Tricks
            • For Desktop Users
            • For Commandline/Script Newbies
            • For Developers and Programmers
            • For System Administrators
          • On the Web
            • Announcements
              • # Announcements on new relaese, improvements etc. from upstream or companies/organizations.
            • Call for participation
              • # Call for participation to newly launched project, program, survey, event, etc.
            • Reports
              • # Status reports from upstream or companies/organizations and reports on past events, etc.
            • Reviews and Essays
            • Warning!
              • # Security related issues which readers should know.

Meeting 08 08 09 (was 25 07 09 was 11 07 09)

  • Old Action Items:
    • AI Jan:
      • Ping Zonker or Novell (Logo)
      • Ping geoff & hawake
    • AI Sascha:
      • Search Alternative Translators for Russian (Maybe ping official Translation/Localisazion Team)
      • Changes in the Online.php from forums.o.o.
      • Changes in the Editing and Translation Process. Release WN each Saturday, Translation releases if ready. -> Note to Marketing List
    • AI Satoru:
      • Ping Marketing List for Creating own Dummypage for each $LANG.
    • AI Sebastian:
      • Status Report (Polls & Surveys Weekly News)
  • New Action Items:

Meeting 13 06 09

  • Old Action Items:
  • New Action Items:
    • STS301
      • Poll solutions "How are the openSUSE news"

Meeting 18 04 09

Old Action Items:

New Action Items:

  • Satoru Matsumoto
    • ToDo checklist for the 'now out' announcement
      • A while ago, there was some errors - especially the numbers of the issue - in 'now out' announcements and some persons pointed out the errors. Read this post. For the last issue #67, there was no number error in 'now out' announcement, but I found the 'number of the latest issue' on our front page was still '66' after the 'now out' announcement was posted (So, I fixed it). I think we ought to prepare the ToDo checklist for the release. Those works depend on Jan-Simon and Sascha ATM, but, if there are something we can do for that, I'd like to help.
    • Status of ru, it, sv translators
      • For the last 4 weeks, translated issues for Russian, Italian and Swedish are empty. It would be no problem if the translators of those languages are just busy at the moment, but I'm worried something might have happened to them. Why don't we ping them in case they don't join this meeting and ask if there are something we can help them ?

Meeting 04 04 09

Old Action Items (Status Report):

  • Jan-Simon:
    • Meeting Frequency
    • Layout (Boxes and othzer)
    • Logo
    • Translators & Coordinators

New Action Items:

  • Satoru Matsumoto:
    • openSUSE Community Week
      • Is there anything we can do for openSUSE Community Week ? For example, can we publish special issue or something ?
      • See this page.

Meeting 03 21 09

Old Action Items (Status Report):

  • Jan:
    • Guidelines about Logos (Zonker)
    • Counterpixel Zonker
  • BenderBRodriguez:
    • New Proposal for Readypage
  • Sascha:
    • other Time for the official Meeting (Frequency)
    • Coordinator for each Language: We need an second Team of Translators. So if one of the Translators haven't enough Time to translate, so an other Translator have the chance to translate. We need an Coordinator of each Language Team. So the Coordinator observe the Translation Process and fill up the Readypage. Translators

Meeting 02 21 09

  • Old Action Items (Status Report):
    • Guidelines about Logos (Zonker asked)
    • Counterpixel
  • New Action Items:
    • Discuss about a new Icon for the "Editors Note" Section
    • Localization:
      • Chinese version (light)
      • New Translator for French
      • Traslating some English grammar contration in Italian (by hawake)
    • Picking up articles from Novell site
  • Question & Answers
    • Feedback about workflow
    • Feedback about workload
    • Feedback about possible improvements

Issue 55

  • Election: Weekly News Masscot! --Saigkill 12 jan 2009, 00:47 UTC
    • need to clarify artwork with legal dep. - need to postpone --dl9pf 19:54, 13 January 2009 (UTC)
  • New template - --dl9pf 19:54, 13 January 2009 (UTC)
    • evaluate proposals
    • decide on icon-sets
    • test translation-tool
    • migration-date
  • Only one official IRC Meeting per month --dl9pf 11:22, 17 January 2009 (UTC)
    • e.g. 3rd saturday in a month, "official" meeting.
    • nevertheless we can still loosely meet at 12h UTC on saturdays, if time permits
    • meet in irc, and move to gobby if things are ready

Issue 54

  • "Light" version - Do we need templates for the "Light" version ? --HeliosReds 09:12, 9 January 2009 (UTC)
  • To make newsletter more visual-rich - Kalman's template for the Light version is so cool. Could we use this concept to make newsletter more visual-rich in the future ? What do we need for that ? Who will re-design the template for the Full version ? --HeliosReds 09:12, 9 January 2009 (UTC)
  • New READY-Table - Which candidate is easy-to-use ? --HeliosReds 09:12, 9 January 2009 (UTC)