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Personal Data and Contact

  • Name: Okuro Okiawa (pseudonym)
  • Real name: Thomas Hofstätter
  • Country: Austria, Europe
  • Languages: English, German
  • Computer experience:
    • since I am 6 years old
    • first Windows, now openSUSE 11.1
  • email: click
  • Website (nothing to do with linux):
  • openSUSE Forum: Okuro
  • Jabber:
  • Skype: okuro.oikawa

My Way to openSUSE


I never was a friend of MS Windows (although some of my friends gave me the dirt on it), but I accepted it and learned how to eliminate the bugs and unnecessary RAM wastage. One of my friends (STS301) installed Ubunto nearly one year ago and had quite a lot of troubles with it. That put me off using Linux too. Moreover I thought that there are not enough applications available for daily use as in MS Windows. As I now know I was definitive wrong!

Getting Started

In mid 2009 I had much to do with Linux (a.o. Ubuntu and openSUSE). I recognized that Linux is not as bad as I always thought. So I partitioned my harddrive and installed openSUSE 11.1 with GNOME 2.24. At first I had some troubbles partitioning my harddrive, but it finaly worked!

My first impression was that I did not find anything I know from Windows. But after some internet and library investigation I was able to configure my Laptop and use openSUSE regularly. At the time I think I am well enough to use openSUSE at everyday's work as well. I was astonished how easy it is to download, update and/or upgrade software. I had always thought that it is very hard to find software that fits. --> CONGRATULATIONS to this really good software!

Combination with Windows

I need some programs for my education that only run on Windows (without problems). But because I do not want to reboot each lesson I need these programs, I decided to use a virtual machine. I chose Sun VirtualBox 3.1.4 which is OS. So I can easily work with Linux and Windows at the same time.

My work for openSUSE

As you have read in the article, I have not used openSUSE as long as others. But after some book researches I think I am quite well. But I am optimistic that I will cope with that. My aim is to work in the openSUSE community as well as I can. Moreover I try to make openSUSE palatable to others.

My first job at openSUSE was (and is) at the openSUSE Marketing Team. I am translator from English to German and I am Event-Editor. Moreover since September 1, 2009 I work as an openSUSE Ambassador. I'm gladly looking forward to some events I can participate to represent openSUSE.