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First of all: Big thanks to all involved in creating and translating the Weekly Newsletter.

All Translators should please join the opensuse-marketing mailinglist!


See Portal:Weekly_news#Schedule

If no translation is possible, either copy or link to the English version so we have always an release. (AI: need to figure out some wiki-magic ?)

Ready table

We have a simple "whats ready" table to synchronize our efforts.


To make translation a bit easier we use preformatted templates.

Translation tool

The translation tool should help the translators especially with the "static" strings, like "Status Updates" or "Announcements". Its available here:


The script takes the English edit-view and converts selected strings to a selected language. The strings are stored in an simple text-file. It will only exchange the first occurence of a string and proceed with the next string of the list. For an example copy /usr/share/doc/packages/weekly-news-translation-tool/example to your home and execute "weekly-news-translation-tool --help" or "weekly-news-translation-tool $LANG" inside that directory.

Step 1: create a working directory

mkdir issue133
cd issue133
  • Note: The issue number should be replaced with the current issue number.

Step 2: fetch the EN newsletter (edit-view!)

wget -nd ""
  • After fetching the file, rename it to en.txt

Step 3: copy the ini-file to the working directory

copy <place of your translate.ini> ./translate.ini

Step 4: invoke the script with your $LANG as argument

weekly-news-translation-tool DE
weekly-news-translation-tool JP
weekly-news-translation-tool RU

Step 5: paste output.txt to the wiki and continue with the translation

You can extend the translate.ini easily, just add new numbers
4a = Status Updates 
4b = Обновление статусов


We have all Weekly News related Stuff put into a git Repository: git checkout

After checkout you can use the content, and you can modify it. Syntax: Put your language's identifier in "[ ]". I use the TLD. So the example file has [DE], [RU] and [JP]. The strings are enumerated:

  • $number + "a" for the English string
  • $number + "b" for the $LANG string

Full Example:

1a = Welcome to issue #
1b = Добро пожаловать в выпуск
2a = of openSUSE Weekly News
2b = Еженедельных новостей openSUSE
3a = Announcements
3b = Анонсы

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