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This Document descibes how to contribute the openSUSE Weekly News.


If you have written an Blogpost, Article or you have found any interesting Stuff you can post this to:


Facebook Fanpage

You can also post on our Facebook Fanpage. That postings are going to the next available Weekly News Issue.


If you just would like to provied an short Link, you can send a direct twitterpost to @saigkill.

Regular Articles

You also can post regular Articles in different sizes on your personal Blog, and send a Link to us. We have Larry Finger, who provides every week some lines about the Testing team. Also we have Rares Aioanei who provides the Weekly Kernel Review.

In normal cases we trying to publish the Contributions with the Realname and without any cut.

A other Way to contribute Articles or Proposals you can use our ietherpad:

Editorial Office

The Editorial Office collects every day interesting Stuff for the Weekly News. Satoru Matsumoto, is our Proofreader and he collects for all Subcategories inside the Weekly News.

All Stuff from the Weekly News are inside the SVN from BerliOS.

How can i be a part of the Editorial Office

1.) Please go to and register yourself as Developer on BerliOS.
2.) Write to and tell him your choosed Nickname in BerliOS.
3.) Sascha adds you as Developer to
4.) Checkout the Repository with:

svn checkout \ osweeklynews

  • You can checkout the svn on every place. In my case i have a Folder "svn" and put all SVNs inside that Folder.

5.) Please read the README and the Docs inside docs/.
6.) Choose your Subsection what you like to contribute.
7.) All needed Files are under trunk/en/xml.
8.) Have Fun

Translating into other Languages

The easiest way (You don't know XML)

The easiest way is, that we send you after the official en issue, some *.po files. Then you just have to start lokalize or other translating tool, and just start to translate. If you open a *.po File you have the english part on the top of the window, and you just can insert your translation on the bottom of the window. After translating all *.po files, you send it back to Sascha puts the content from the *.po files back to the original english issue. Then you can use the same style like the en issue and make your own issue with a script. You can export now to HTML and PDF.

The hard way (You know XML)

The hard way is, that you can get your own place in the SVN from BerliOS. There we place our stylesheets and all needed content. Every Section (Announcements, In the Community, ...) are in a seperate XML file. You just have to fill the XMLs with your localized content. After finishing you can export it to HTML or PDF with a script.

The old way

As addition to the 2 other option it is also possible to create a Newsletter inside your $ Wiki.

Looking forward

We trying to produce in the near future two outputs, one "full" and one "light" Version. The full Version will be published just in english (ATM) and the light version will be the base for other translations. To solve that we making a little hack into the XML Sources. So we can produce both from the same sources. But this is added as feature request and will be published soon.