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About Me edit

Hello, my name is Rupert Horstkötter. I was born on the 10th of April 1981 and I'm living in Darmstadt, Germany. I'm currently on the home stretch of studying Business Administration and Electrical Engineering at Darmstadt University of Technology.

I'm an official openSUSE Member and I was employed twice at Novell/SUSE. From Nov 2007 to Feb 2008 I did an internship in Product Management at Novell's Nuremberg offices and from Nov 2008 to Mar 2009 I was employed as a Workstudent for Community Architecture. As of Oct 2009, I work for open-slx gmbh as open-slx Community Manager.

Past Contributions (selection)
  • I served as the Project Manager of the openSUSE Forums during the initial merge from Jan 2008 to Jun 2008 and again from Nov 2008 to Mar 2009.
  • I contributed as an editor to the openSUSE Weekly Newsletter, primarily as the initiator of the openSUSE forums section.
  • As a moderator, I was an active part of the openSUSE Forums Team from Jun 2008 to May 2009.
  • From Oct 2009 to Jun 2010, I was involved in the openSUSE Wiki Usability Project.
Current Contributions
  • As of the 22nd of Dec 2009, I contribute to the openSUSE Project as one of the three non-Novell members of the 3rd openSUSE Board

Contact edit

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