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These are the rules that apply in the community-driven Telegram group @openSUSE. Please also read the openSUSE Code of Conduct as well.


The openSUSE group in Telegram is a technical, camaraderie and general topic group. Feel free to consult, share, dialogue or debate about what you want, while maintaining relevant respect for regulations.

This group is bridged with Discord and Matrix.


Note: This rules are an adaptation of the openSUSE IRC Rules.
  1. Be polite and helpful.
  2. Before asking, search the web for solutions to your problem.
  3. If you feel your query was ignored, don't despair. Perhaps no one has the knowledge or the time to answer. Remember that this communication channel doesn't offer paid support, it's a community effort.
  4. For technical queries, try to use the hashtag #support plus another that describes the software in question (eg #plasma) before or after asking your question. The same applies for tutorials: #how-to. This will facilitate the follow-up of the topics covered —both for pre-consultations or searches— within the content of the group.
  5. No NSFW/NSFL posts, no SPAM, no personal insults/discrimination.
  6. After gaining 3 warnings, next one is equal to ban.
  7. If you have to paste information then do not paste it into the group. Use a paste site to paste long messages.
  8. To report a message (like SPAM) to the admins, type /report@opensuse_antispam_bot.

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