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Code of Conduct

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The openSUSE project's code of conduct is embodied in the following paragraph from the Guiding Principles:

[We value]... respect for other persons and their contributions, for other opinions and beliefs. We listen to arguments and address problems in a constructive and open way. We believe that a diverse community based on mutual respect is the base for a creative and productive environment enabling the project to be truly successful. We don't tolerate social discrimination and aim at creating an environment where people feel accepted and safe from offense.

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Applies to

Mailing Lists for openSUSE (OpenSUSE mailing list netiquette).

Forums for openSUSE. (Forum FAQ)

Chat platforms used by the openSUSE Project including IRC, Matrix, Discord, Slack, Telegram and others. (#suse channel rules) FIXME: links to rules for other IRC channels.

Bugs in Bugzilla.

Conferences where members of openSUSE are present.

Generally, any medium where members of openSUSE interact with each other.

How to report violations to the rules of politeness in the Guiding Principles

Some of our mailing lists, IRC channels, and other media have moderators which will monitor the well-being of those channels. Please contact a moderator if you think something is going wrong.

Finally, the openSUSE Board can help resolve conflicts as a means of last resort.