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Telegram is a cross-platform, cloud-based instant messaging software. Part of the openSUSE community uses it for chat, support and communications.


Channels are a tool for broadcasting messages to large audiences.[1]

Channel Description Link
News News relating to the openSUSE. @openSUSENews
Planet Posts from @openSUSEPlanet


Most groups are bridged with

👥 Community

Group Description Link
Support Support (and general) group @openSUSE
Chat Group chat about openSUSE and beyond @openSUSEChat
For musicians Support group for the Geekos Daw project @geekosdaw
Bar All about sessions @opensuse_bar_group
Gaming Discussions about games and gaming on openSUSE @openSUSE_gaming
SoCalSUSE Southern California Community @SoCalSUSE

📗 Docs and Marketing

Group Description Link
Marketing openSUSE Marketing Team channel @openSUSE_Marketing
News & Communities Improving information spread and integration between linguistic communities @openSUSE_newscom
Documentation Discussions about openSUSE wiki/docs/website @opensuse_docs

🛠 Development

Group Description Link
Aeon openSUSE Aeon development channel @openSUSE_Aeon
ALP ALP development channel @opensuse_alp
Factory The openSUSE distributions development group @openSUSE_Factory
Kalpa openSUSE Kalpa development channel @openSUSE_Kalpa
Mobile DEV Mobile development @opensusemobiledev
Project Pirates of the Project OBS, factory, git and the rest. Only for project-related stuff! @openSUSE_Project
Sway openSUSE Sway Team development group @openSUSEway
Xfce openSUSE Xfce Team development group @opensuse_xfce

🌐 International

Language/Country Description Link
Chinese Chinese user group @opensuse_cn
Chinese (Taiwan) Taiwan user group @chatroomOpenSUSETaiwan
Deutsch Allgemeine deutschsprachige Gruppe über openSUSE @opensuse_de
French French speaking user group @opensuse_fr
Indonesian General group about openSUSE @openSUSE_ID
Hindi, English (India) Indian user group @openSUSE_India
Italian Gruppo italiano generale e di supporto per openSUSE @opensuseitalia
Persian Persian user group @openSUSE_persian
Polish Oficialna Polska grupa wsparcia dla openSUSE @openSUSE_Polska
Portuguese (Brazil) General group about openSUSE @openSUSEbr
Russian-speaking General group about openSUSE @ru_openSUSE
Spanish General and technical support group @openSUSE_ES
Ethiopia Open suse devs and users group @opensuse_et