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These are the rules that apply in the community-driven #openSUSE IRC channel, as well as several other openSUSE channels.

Situations that are not covered by the rules are decided by the Moderators of the channel, and by the Moderators only. If you have a query or complaint about how the ops enforce these rules please email the irc operator's mailing list.

  1. Be polite and helpful.
  2. Use only the appropriate language for the channel you are in. The language of the openSUSE channels is English unless specified by a language code in the channel name. See list of localised support channels. Don't use l33tspeak or slang, which make it more difficult for non native speakers to follow a conversation.
  3. Search the internet first. We are there to help when we can, but we're not paid for doing so, and we're all busy doing something else. Please respect that and try to find the answer on your own first. Use your favorite search engine (such as Google search). Our openSUSE Wiki as well as our openSUSE forums already contain a lot of information and both contain search forms.
  4. Don't ask to ask, just ask. Such questions just waste time and we cannot help unless you state your actual problem.
  5. If you have a question, describe it briefly and with the relevant information (e.g. which openSUSE version you're using (cat /etc/os-release, which hardware architecture arch, etc...).
  6. If you have to paste information then do not paste it into the channel. Use a paste site to paste long messages.
  7. Do not demand help or attention. People may be busy, people are idle and often are not in front of the computer. If somebody has the time, this person will give the proper attention. When people don't reply, it means that they're either too busy to help, or that they can't help you.
  8. Do not repeat your questions too often.
  9. No colour codes, bold, draws, ascii art, CAPS-lock.
  10. No spam!
  11. No usage of bots.
  12. Offtopic in general is not wanted (we have an off-topic chat room in #opensuse-chat instead).