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This is a list of items to do for an openSUSE distribution release on social media. Help translate it and the promote the messages on the release day! Note that the announcement also should be translated!

Release launch general plan: social media

General approach

Before the release date we need to have a clear plan what to tweet/dent/like and 'plus' at any time. The plan is based on previous experiences and has improved after each release!

What we do: In a coordinated fashion openSUSE community members can deploy the same content in the different languages across social media. The content for the major social media sites is prepared and translated, ready to copy-paste. There is also a time proposal included for when what needs to be send out.

Each openSUSE account has administrators but we need help from others to re-tweet, like, '+' and so on and to use their own channels to spread the word. It is important that we all agree on the right keywords and the general message!

Common contents must include the correct URL, keywords (tags) and references. We use the tags and references to reach a wider audience: the messages have to be designed to show up on streams of people following Linux, Apache, KDE and many others. Do not forget these!

The following two tables help to execute the above plan:

  1. The first table helps to identify the messages that should be promoted in each time zone per media site.
  2. The second table describes the messages in a number of languages.

Preparing for the next release

Social Media Messages for Leap 15.5 (needs updating)

The table below gives the messages we want to get out and at what time (in UTC) over our different media channels. The messages have to be adopted for the social media: twitter (due to the limit of 280 characters, at most 260 so people can retweet it), facebook, etc and for the various languages. We do that in tables below (scroll down!).


Please translate this table and share content on local social media platforms Please translate this table, only the twitter and facebook/G+ tables with the final messages'

English Base messages
Time (UTC) Message Person Who will Post Recommended images to use if you want. Link to url of image
3 Days Before 16:30 The release of @openSUSE Leap 15.5 will have Python 3.11. ddemaio The image can be found at No changes made.
Python image.jpg
2 Days Before 10:30 The Welcome package in @openSUSE Leap 15.5 provides new users with helpful tips on how to contribute to the project, add new software, find documentation and much more. On-boarding new & seasons #Linux users. ddemaio
1 Day Before 10:00 AI like #ChatGPT is changing our world. @openSUSE Leap 15.5 has #AI & #ML packages for developers, data scientist, analysts & hobbyists. Just #zypper install @PyTorch, ONNX or others! ddemaio
1 Day Before 13:00 Computer science staff and students can use @openSUSE Leap 15.5 for building, testing and deploying their infra and projects. There are a ton of open source packages. See a small fraction of them at ddemaio
1 Day Before 16:30 Using Grafana and Prometheus with @openSUSE Leap 15.5 will give instant visual insights and analysis of real-world data to help with making informed decisions. ddemaio Grafana_dashboard.png
1 Day Before 17:30 @openSUSE Leap 15.5 is for home, office and business uses. But there is more. The OS is so powerful it can run anywhere. It simplifies cloud, server, application and container deployments - ddemaio
1 Day Before 20:30 @openSUSE Leap has a long tradition of having @KDE's Plasma LTS version. Leap 15.5 is no different. It comes with Plasma 5.27. - ddemaio need new
09:00 The release of @openSUSE Leap 15.5 is made for you. It's an operating system that offers dependability and brings tools, languages and libraries you need to be creative & productive. ddemaio
10:30 Lift and shift workloads or containers developed on Leap to SUSE Linux Enterprise if you need long-term maintenance. ddemaio
12:00 UTC Experience the perfect blend of stability and innovation in Leap 15.5. Get @openSUSE Leap 15.5! The OS is out and waiting for you to download and use it. Leap empowers developers, sysadmins and users. - ddemaio
16:30 Cloud images of @openSUSE Leap 15.5 should be available pretty soon. ddemaio
17:00 Leap Micro 5.4 is a Host OS you can use for containerized & virtualized workloads. Download this & Leap 15.5 at ddemaio
1 Day After 10:30 You have a choice with @openSUSE. Tumbleweed! Leap 15.5! Aeon! Kalpa! [MicroOS] Find these at ddemaio opensuse-laptop.gif
1 Day After 16:30 Migrate seamlessly to an enterprise version from Leap 15.5 if you need it. Knowing enterprise support is available from @SUSE provides added value for using Leap 15.4 & 15.5. Run & test workloads or lift and shift them. ddemaio
2 Day After 10:30 Linux laptops are very powerful. There is a good reason for why sysadmins and Open-Source developers order @openSUSE Leap. Visit @SlimbookEs @TUXEDOComputers & others ddemaio need image