Features 15.6

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Cockpit Package

The integration of the Cockpit package into openSUSE Leap 15.6 enhances system and container management capabilities. Cockpit provides an intuitive web-based interface for system administration, bridging advanced operations with user-friendly accessibility. This inclusion highlights openSUSE's dedication to powerful tools for both professionals and hobbyists.

Container Technologies

Leap 15.6 enhances container management with Podman 4.8, tailored for Nextcloud, alongside updates to Distrobox, Docker, python-podman, Skopeo, containerd, and libcontainers-common. These advancements ensure a robust and efficient container system, crucial for modern digital infrastructure.

Virtualization Technologies

Virtualization in Leap 15.6 is bolstered with updates to Xen 4.18, KVM 8.2.2, libvirt 10.0, and virt-manager 4.1. These enhancements improve the performance and stability of virtual environments, essential for businesses relying on virtualized systems.

Software Upgrades

Leap 15.6 includes major software upgrades such as Linux Kernel 6.4, OpenSSL 3.1, MariaDB 10.11.6, PostgreSQL 16, Redis 7.2, PHP 8.2, and Node.js 20. These updates enhance performance, security, and reliability across various applications and services, making Leap 15.6 a robust choice for development and production environments.

Telecommunications Software

The release of Leap 15.6 sees updates in telecommunications software with DPDK 22.11 and Open vSwitch 3.1 and OVN 23.03. These improvements support better network performance and reliability, crucial for enterprise communication systems.

KDE Environment

Leap 15.6 updates the KDE environment with KDE Plasma 5.27.11, Qt 5.15.12+kde151, and KDE Frameworks 5.115.0. Additionally, Qt6 version 6.6.3 with updated Python bindings for PyQt5 and PyQt6 align with Python 3.11, ensuring a smooth and efficient desktop experience for users.


GNOME 45 in Leap 15.6 brings enhancements that improve the desktop environment, offering new features for a better user experience. These updates solidify Leap 15.6 as a top choice for users seeking a polished and modern desktop interface.

Audio Technologies

Leap 15.6 upgrades audio technologies with PulseAudio 17.0 and PipeWire 1.0.4. These updates enhance hardware compatibility and Bluetooth functionality, including device battery level indicators, ensuring high-quality audio performance for various use cases.

Transition to Python 3.11

The transition to Python 3.11 in Leap 15.6 involves the removal of many unmaintained Python packages. This move ensures that the system remains secure and up-to-date with the latest Python features and improvements, benefiting developers and users alike.