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openSUSE:Prerelease Launch Checklist

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Launch Checklist - Prerelease Launch Checklist
This is a list of items to do for an openSUSE distribution beta release (MS/RC).


Coordinator: openSUSE:Testing_Core_team / User:Bmwiedemann

TODO: possibly automate some more of this with testopia or other tools

Marketing Activities

  • Was the release announced on opensuse-factory and opensuse-testing ML (best 1 day before release)?
  • Was the release announced on news.o.o?


Coordinator: openSUSE:Release team

  • Was factory-snapshot updated and synced to mirrors?


  • Is the new version created in bugzilla by RM?
  • Schedule Pizza Party and/or openSUSE:Open-Bugs-Day after last Milestone (MS6)