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The third openSUSE Open-Bugs-Day will be on 2011-08-21 from 00:00 to 23:59 UTC

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As you all know, the next Release is in the pipeline openSUSE 12.1 so we need your help to go through old bugs! The testing team is looking for volunteers to help with bugzilla: Closing what's fixed; and confirming what still needs work. With us clearing out what is fixed, the developers can focus their energies on fixing bugs instead of clicking around bugzilla! This event is similar to Bug Day - just that this time, it is about more recent versions. In fact, we will concentrate on the open bugs for 11.4 to see if they still exist in the developmental version of 12.1.


2011-08-21 from 00:00 to 23:59 UTC


Anyone using openSUSE is welcome to help.


Coordination for Open-Bugs-Day happens on this wiki page and on #openSUSE-testing IRC channel on Freenode.


What you need
You need an account on

As openSUSE 12.4 MS4 was not formally released, we run the risk of testing on different versions. Accordingly, we are providing a common Factory version for testing. There are three ways to do this

  • You can ask bmwiedemann on IRC for VNC access to a hosted virtual machine (VM) - this is the easiest
  • For those people that wish to test on their own hardware, there will be KDE and Gnome virtual images available at These have been built with KVM, but have been tested with VirtualBox. They are compressed with xz and are just over 900 MB. Assuming you wish to keep only the decompressed file, use 'xz -d <image_name>', where <image_name> does not include the "xz" extension. Next start VB and use the GUI to create a new VM. On the disk image screen, choose the file you just decompressed. The images will use 800x600 resolution. If you want greater, install the VB extension pack and change the "vga" parameter on the GRUB bootup line. The default 0x314 is for 800x600, 0x317 gets 1024x768, and 0x31b gets 1280/1024.
  • You can install 12.1 natively on your computer (e.g. in a separate partition) - this is a better test for hardware-related issues. Factory snapshots are available at

The workflow is usually as follows:

  1. use the Open-Bugs-Coordination-Tool or search bugzilla for open bugs in the 11.4 release
  2. try to reproduce an issue on the current openSUSE release (12.1 or Factory) and update bugzilla, using prepared texts as follows
    1. if it still occurs, clone the bug (link is in lower right-hand corner of screen) and set the current version
    2. if you know the issue was fixed, add
      "This has been fixed in 12.1."
    3. if you are unable to confirm the bug, it may have been fixed, or it may be difficult to reproduce. Please change the bug to NEEDINFO from the reporter and ask that the bug be tested on 12.1.
  3. GOTO 1

There will be free openSUSE t-shirts for the top 5 most active participants in Open-Bugs-Day.