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openSUSE:Testing Core team

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Where we come from

  • The openSUSE Testing Core team is composed of members from around the globe that want to contribute in improving the openSUSE operating system.

How we perform our jobs

  • We coordinate our work during the regular meetings. For more details see the meeting page.

What skills we posess

  • We are able to create valid bug reports that will help developers to fix problems found in early development stages of openSUSE and in the stable version.


  • The openSUSE Testing Core team wants to identify bugs as early as possible in the development cycle to give developers time to find a solution and to give less technical testers a better user-experience.
  • The openSUSE Testing Core team tries to identify bugs in the stable version of openSUSE and passes the information down to the developers in order for them to create a proper fix.

Team Statement

  • Make openSUSE a reliable platform for both users and developers.


Mailing List

IRC Channel

openSUSE Connect Group

Main coordinating members

Name IRC Mail Web Country
Bernhard M. Wiedemann bmwiedemann ; ICQ: 41890653 susetestingbmw at lsmod de Germany
Larry Finger LWFinger Larry.Finger - at - lwfinger - net US

How to join

Who is eligible to join the team (terms and conditions)?

  • Everybody that wants to contribute to the testing of openSUSE is welcomed to join the team. The future contributor must have a a basic understanding of how openSUSE works.

Whom to contact for more informations?

  • Contact the Main coordinating members via IRC or e-mail. Remember to be polite and not to spam.

Is openSUSE Membership required for tasks?

  • openSUSE Membership is required only for some tasks. More information about becoming an openSUSE member is available in this wiki page.

Team tasks

  • Test and report bugs on Factory, Milestones and Release Candidates using Bugzilla
  • Test and report bugs found on the stable version of openSUSE again using Bugzilla

Currently Working on

Tasks currently being performed to noted here .

Open Tasks

There may be some tasks where the normal contributors can contribute apart from the team Members .

Additional links for contributors

Refer to Testing for information about distribution testing.

Refer to Testing meeting for the next scheduled meeting.

Refer to Portal:Factory for information about the developing state of a future openSUSE version.

Refer to openSUSE Bugs for information about bugs and how to report them correctly.

Refer to Bugzilla when searching or reporting bugs.