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This page contains a set of images about openSUSE for use in a slideshow at tradeshows and such


Feel free to contribute! Coordinate on the opensuse marketing mailinglist.

Screenshots and slides from the latest release of openSUSE

You can find release screenshots here.

Below some previous attempts at creating a slideshow - these are unfortunately outdated.

General openSUSE

openSUSE screenshot slideshow: openSUSE screenshots for slideshow

openSUSE informative slideshow (TO BE DONE)


KDE Plasma desktop screenshot slideshow: KDE screenshots for slideshow

KDE informative slideshow (TO BE DONE)


GNOME desktop screenshot slideshow: GNOME screenshots for slideshow

GNOME informative slideshow (TO BE DONE)

LXDE, Smeegol, XFCE

Other desktop screenshot slideshow: Other desktop screenshots for slideshow

Other Desktop informative slideshow (TO BE DONE)

Slides for use at tradeshows

Slides for website use