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openSUSE:Opensuse release cycle

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This page is part of the talking points, and explains why offers a selection of desktops instead of just one

This page will give you, as an openSUSE ambasador, arguments in a discussion about the release cycle of openSUSE.

The page is under construction and mostly contains a random bunch of arguments... Feel free to add any braindump or question you have! If you have arguments against having both, add those too, we can discuss them and make even better arguments for the ambasadors.


We try to answer the following questions:

  • what does the release cycle mean? Will I have to reinstall?
  • What is openSUSE's Release Cycle?
  • Why does openSUSE have an 8 month release cycle while many other distributions have 6 months between releases?

go brainstorm and answer the questions!

- we want our distribution to be more stable, that's why we have 8 months - we have OBS so you can get newer software easily. Other distributions don't have OBS...