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A web frontend for the openSUSE mirrors in the Mirrorbrain database to allow the admins to manage their entries themself.


You might know MirrorBrain already: our download redirector and Torrent/Metalink generator used u.a. on It's really a great tool that plays a hidden key role inside the openSUSE infrastructure.

But while the amount of openSUSE mirrors is increasing over the time (currently we have >180 mirrors in our database!), the amount of main administrators for the database itself is not increasing as well.

It happens, that mirrors want to limit the traffic for a specific time (means for us: decreasing the score of this specific mirror) or changing their setup (means for us: adapting the URLs for FTP, HTTP, rsync or the operator Name and Url - or even the Name and Email of the mirror admin). Not thinking about the work for adding new mirrors or removing old ones. Sometimes it might also be enough to disable a mirror for a short time - and re-enable it after the maintenance work is done. All this is currently done manually on request via mail to

But as most of the stuff above only affects single mirrors that are already maintained by people who should know what they are doing, why not allowing them to do the requested steps on their own?

Maybe they can even trigger a "rescan" of their mirror once it is added - or something has changed/fixed?

Wouldn't this be cool?

We guessed: yes! That's why we started to write this tool.


  • Open source
  • Written in Ruby on Rails
  • Integrated in our single sign on
  • Group based access controls
  • Users can add/edit/remove/disable/enable their own mirrors
  • Admins can add/edit/remove all mirrors and assign "mirror admin" role to users
  • providing logs of the last mirror scan
  • integrated notifications for changes
  • ...


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