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A mirror in computing is a direct copy of a data set.

On the Internet, a mirror site is an exact copy of another Internet site. Mirror sites are most commonly used to provide multiple sources of the same information in order to spread total server load and connection bandwidth. The mirror sites are short called mirrors. They are a way of providing fast and reliable access to the files on the sites with popular (and large) downloads.

How to find mirrors

You do not have to select a mirror yourself.

That's it!

Released version mirrors

The current released version is available on mirror servers.

Version: Leap 15.4 Up to date list of mirrors

Version: Leap 15.5 Up to date list of mirrors

Discontinued releases mirrors

Development build mirrors

The development versions are available on mirror servers.

Development versions in test phase marked Milestone or RC (release candidate) are for advanced Linux users that can:
  • identify subsystem that is making a trouble, or
  • understand sometimes relative complex advice how to isolate what subsystem is making a problem, and
  • use command line (invoking a shell, switch to root, mark and paste output to mail client)

Tumbleweed mirrors

The Tumbleweed distribution is available on mirror servers.

  • Use, and you will automatically be redirected to a mirror in your vicinity.
  • If you need it, there is an up to date list of mirrors for openSUSE tumbleweed:

Version: tumbleweed up to date list of mirrors for openSUSE tumbleweed.

The Tumbleweed version is fresh from "assembly line" and the only fact known about it, is that it was compiled.
  • If you don't understand the previous sentence then it is not for you, for sure.
  • How good or dangerous it can be depends on many factors, and only developer, packager and experienced users can understand the status, looking at changes from the previous version to tell what are possible consequences.
  • The first people that will load Factory are mainly experienced testers that sometimes use dedicated computers, so if something goes wrong there are no problems with lost data.

Tumbleweed drpmsync service

The Tumbleweed distribution is also provided via the drpmsync service.

  • is the public drpmsync master server.
    • It is usually under a high load and slow.
  • is the drpmsync stage server.
    • Only the most important mirrors do have access to it.
    • Detailed information about it can be found on the Mirrors infrastructure page.
Since the site is (very) slow, it is recommended that you use one of the mirrors below to populate your repository using conventional HTTP/FTP/RSYNC protocols and then maintain it subsequently with the drpmsync command.


  • add functional drpmsync commands
  • add paths for those mirrors that are listening for drpmsync connections..

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