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This document describes how to find a mirror.

How to find mirrors

You do not have to select a mirror yourself, as the openSUSE mirrors infrastructure uses MirrorCache, a download redirector and metalink generator.

That's it!

If you would like to use a different mirror or want to see a complete list of all mirrors which you could download a file from, go to

Security information about using mirrors

Mirrors are managed by individuals and organizations from the openSUSE community, there is no way to automatically verify the correctness and integrity of all files on all mirrors.

This also means that the mirrors must be used with caution:

  • It is recommended to download signature and checksum files only from
  • It is recommended to use secure https communication for downloading signature, checksum, key, gpg files, and other integrity information. Insecure HTTP communication can be used for downloading files (e.g. packages and iso) for which integrity is verified automatically or expected to be verified manually as a separate step.
  • Package management tools (like zypper and rpm) usually have their integrity checks in the default configuration, so automatic redirections from to mirrors for packages and metadata files are expected to be safe and can be trusted. An error message is expected to be shown by these tools if such files are modified or otherwise corrupted on mirrors or during the transfer.
  • Iso and other types of images can be downloaded from mirrors, and download requests to are expected to be automatically redirected to mirrors. This assumes that the integrity of such artifacts will be verified as a separate step using the corresponding checksum files or other information.
  • For convenience, it is expected that additional information about checksums and other integrity is available on , and can be obtained by appending .mirrorlist to the URL of the corresponding file. Appending .metalink or .meta4 will retrieve metalink information.
  • For convenience, it is recommended to use the aria2c tool for downloading big files. It will automatically fetch metalink for the corresponding file, will use several mirrors to retrieve the data, can resume download, and may automatically verify the checksum.

Set up a mirror

EOL mirrors

  • Mirrors for EOL (End of Lifetime, discontinued) openSUSE and SuSE releases are still around. While it is recommended to upgrade to the newest versions in some cases you just want to download a package or two. Use these mirrors for those cases:

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