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Worldwide location of the openSUSE community.
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Add yourself

Warning: This Map is intended for non-commercial use only. If you want to promote your company please contact openSUSE marketing. They will be glad to help you. The only exemption to the rule is SUSE, as openSUSE founder and major sponsor. If you're looking for openSUSE installations, check here.

Find your coordinates

They are defined with latitude and longitude. If you don't know them, you can use iTouchMap or Google maps to find the values.

Example: Enter in a search box on iTouchMap: 1800 Novell Pl, Provo, UT Look for "Map Information" and you will find:

 Lat:	40:12:36N (40.2099)
 Lon:	111:39:21W (-111.6557)

You should use decimal coordinates, ie. 40.2099 and -111.6557. Both numbers for latitude and longitude can be positive or negative so be careful not to forget the sign, or you marker can land somewhere else in the world.

Enter coordinates

When you have your location coordinates you have to create a string as follows:


for instance:

{{map_user|49.4602|11.0830|Geeko|Have a lot of fun!|}}


  • map_user - is the name of template ( don't change it ),
  • Latitude and Longitude - are your coordinates,
  • Label - is a description displayed when the map marker is selected. In our example it is the Novell name (our major sponsor). Note that all HTML tags except <br> are stripped from the description. No address, please.
  • Description - additional description. No address, please.
  • URL - is your blog, personal website, profile page on, user page on , or any of language wikis listed on Available Languages. The rest will be removed from the map.

NOTE: "No address, please" means that you should not use any names that can be understood as geographic location. That will confuse Map software as it will be understood as a second location and software will report error.

Add your data to map

Finally, when your line is ready, you can edit page Coordinates, add that line to the end of the page and save it.


  • If your entry doesn't appear on the map, check the syntax again. Maybe you forgot to add a field?
  • The map debugger will give an overview of all map entries that contain invalid data