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About Me edit


This is me (Linkedin)


I'm Syds a 35 year old Dutch guy who recently moved back to Groningen in the North of the Netherlands with my wife and 2 girls.

I'm a freelanch Financial Controller and try to help companies in improving their reporting to the board and other stakeholders (i.e. banks/ shareholders/ etc.).

Workwise i'm pretty much stuck on Microsoft Office (mainly Excel) but personally I really prefer using Linux/GNU distro's.

at the end of secondary school (around 2001/2004) i played around with SuSE for a little bit and then started using Ubuntu. However for work i was so stuck on Windows that my private computing stayed behind in a way until about a year ago when i started using Ubuntu more full time again.Ubuntu had always been more of a distro that works out of the box and is supported by almost every application developer. The setup is just not really how i like to run my computer. So after a small detour with some other distro's I finally landed on openSUSE. I love that openSUSE is one of the oldest distro's around and actually has European roots as well.

I've always considered myself first European and then Dutch. During my student years i was part of the board of AEGEE-Groningen (the local board of the European student association and started my career at Mazars (an audit firm) which at the time had the slogan "Audit with a European vision"

Regarding computers I've always understood that you just need to click different buttons to find out how they work. And I have maintained my own mailserver and a server. I've always been playing with different servers and services.

I would like to become more involved in the community as i feel the openSUSE community is actually helpful and really likes to meet new users that want to use and get to know the openSUSE projects. If there is any way regarding the organisation or adminstration or auditing or professional financial advice is necessary please ask me anything you want to know.

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