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This page features an incomplete list of some of the bigger openSUSE deployments around the world.

Green Everywhere!

openSUSE is being used all around the world. By individuals, universities, companies and all kinds of other organizations. Below a selection of some cool deployments we happen to know about! Know that this is just about openSUSE. SUSE has of course many large deployments, see for some examples this page.



Around 7000 computers being used in schools in Indonesia. See this cool interactive map!

Explanation of the deployment from medwinz:

Currently we have 350 elementary and junior high schools that use 21 PC loaded with openSUSE Edu Li-f-e 11.3 and 11.4 in their lab. In total there are around 2300 11.3 and the rest are 11.4. We maintain a local update repository in SLES 11 SP1. 11.3 is outdated now and we think to upgrade it to 12.1 but we still don't find the easiest way to do this actually. We think to upgrade all the PC locally using DVD. The problem is the schools are dispersed and the connection to our repository sometimes broken, we use our own private wireless network.

We use the PC's for e-learning. We have setup Moodle in 1 PC in every school, synchronize it with the moodle mysql database in our data center and pull the e-learning data from data center. Other 20 PC then access the local e-learning material using browser.


  • Syneka Marketing - A marketing agency based in Australia uses openSUSE and open source software on its desktop systems.



  • 3000 student desktops at epitech with openSUSE!
  • >30 servers (web, mail, DNS, mysql, mysql-cluster, cluster drbd....)


  • SeWiKom GmbH, Beverungen, uses ±20 servers running openSUSE. In addition, openSUSE is used in their laboratory for system testing and application development.


  • The Remote Sensing Laboratory at the NTUA campus in Athens is using openSUSE in server deployments (web servers, file servers and application servers) and workstations (more than 20) for undergraduate and postgraduate classes as well as for research. Custom openSUSE builds (through SUSE Studio) are also provided to students, including Geospatial Open Source Software (from Application:Geo) for classes involving Image Processing, GIS and Python training.


  • PROXY Laboratories BV, Leiden - Using openSUSE as host system for virtualized laboratory systems which need older Windows versions (ie NT) to run. Also all file/print/web-servers (>10) run openSUSE.
  • Grand Theatre Groningen, Groningen - Was migrated from a Windows environment to openSUSE in 2007, by GLOSS Computer. Uses openSUSE on server- and clientside on all computers, except one. Currently, february 2013, server runs 12.1, clients (± 10 PC's, ± 10 laptops) run 12.2, desktop environment KDE. Runs a custom built webapplication for on- and offline ticketsales and event management, entirely developped on openSUSE(runs fine on any OS though).
  • GLOSS Computer, Groningen. Uses openSUSE internally, provides consultancy, assistance, support in migration to openSUSE, system administration on openSUSE based networks.


  • Linkat (Catalonian regional Gov. Edu department)


  • Spamchek, Zürich has about 20 local and 48 remote servers running openSUSE. All back-office systems and laptops (about 10) also run openSUSE.

United Kingdom

North Americas

  • Mississippi Highway Patrol
  • FreedomVoice VOIP, San Diego, CA

South Americas

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