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openSUSE:LinuxTag 2012

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openSUSE @ Linuxtag 2012

The openSUSE Project will attend LinuxTag 2012 as usual, having a community booth and several talks in the program. This page holds all the details about the event. Don't forget to add yourself! Ask questions on opensuse-project and please help update this page :D


General Information

  • Location: Messegelände Berlin (Messedamm 22, 14055 Berlin)
  • Date: 23th - 26th May
    • Booth Setup: May 21-22
    • End: May 27th
    • Opening Times: Mi.-Fr.: 9:45 - 18:00; Sa.: 9:45- 17:00
  • Do we have a booth? Yes, booth 202 'openSUSE Community' in 7.2a
  • Who is organizing this event? Jos Poortvliet
  • Will there be any openSUSE related talks? Yes
  • Group Hotel: If you want to go, please book in Motel One Tiergarten!! If that is a tad too expensive, there are plenty of hostels around... Google is your friend!
  • Tickets:: Everyone who signed up for Booth duty got a Exhibitor pass. Note that booth duty does require you to spend a reasonable amount of time actually doing something at the booth! If you're a speaker too, use your speaker ticket to get in please...
    • Christian Boltz has some free tickets - mail him if you need one. Jos has free tickets too :D

Address and location of our stand:

openSUSE Community
Halle 7.2b, Stand 202
c/o Messe Berlin GmbH
Messedamm 22
D-14055 Berlin

{{#display_points: 52.50347461927098, 13.272171020507812~Fairgrounds; 52.502753, 13.34805~Group Hotel; 52.533,13.209~Speakers Hotel | width=450 | height=250}}


Notice: You have to book the hotel yourself!

Jos Poortvliet Always there! Always there! Home S-Bahn None yet
Clayton Cornell Not sure yet - haven't booked transport (planning on Saturday minimum) Not sure yet - haven't booked transport (planning on Saturday minimum) Home ICE from Hamburg Nothing specific planned
Jan Krings 22.5 27.5 Group hotel ICE from Düsseldorf
Marcel Richter Not sure yet Not sure yet Group hotel train
Christian Boltz Thursday morning Saturday Speakers hotel night train from / ICE to Karlsruhe speaker
Christopher Hofmann Tuesday Saturday Group hotel Car from NBG eTicket
Nanuk Krinner Tuesday Saturday Group hotel Car from NBG eTicket
Jürgen Weigert Tuesday Saturday Group hotel Car from NBG eTicket. (VideoTeam).
Julian Zwickl Tuesday Saturday Group hotel Car from NBG eTicket
Gerhard Schlotter Tuesday Saturday Group hotel Car from NBG eTicket
Tim Tuesday Saturday Group hotel Train eTicket
Kai-Uwe Behrmann Tuesday Saturday Group hotel train speaker
Cornelius Schumacher Tuesday Sunday Group hotel train speaker
Bruno Friedmann Thursday Sunday Special home plane booth volunteer, eTicket
You? When do you arrive? When do you leave? Group hotel, or? Train? Exhibitor, speaker, ...

note: I've ordered passes for everyone who had subscribed for the booth up to Cornelius.

Note that you have to book the hotel yourselves!!! Ask on -project or -ambassadors if someone wants to share a room...


I (jos) have applied for a booth and tickets. We've got the booth confirmed. It will be 14m2 and have 2 tables and 6 chairs. Everything else we'll have to get ourselves. Number 202, hall 7.2a!

Some material is needed for the booth setup. Please add things you are able to provide.

How much?
openSUSE Beer Jos/brewery Enough :D Will be delivered directly.
Some stuff like posters etc from NUE Whoever comes from NUE :D .
Laptops and the like Whoever comes should try to bring some!
Tablet with openSUSE & Plasma Active Jos
Video Equipment Jürgen (1 Camera + Tripod, 2 Laptops, 1 Twinpact, 1 Audio Mixer, lots of cables) Need a helping hand & car & driver; Departure NBG: 22.5. 8:00h
Colorimeters to offer monitor profiling, Tablet to install openSUSE on it ;-) Kai-Uwe two colorimeter will fit in my Rucksack


Before Berlin


In Berlin

Get a booth Jos


General Program

There will be several talks from/about our distribution, community and tools in the general program.

  • Installing and setting up your ownCloud (Jos)
  • 1001 Bugs - oder: die goldenen Regeln für schlechte Programmierung (Christian Boltz)

Booth Program

We could again organize small workshops on the booth to teach users how to contribute in various ways to the project or just have fun. If you want to give such a short 10 or 20 minute workshop, add yourself and give a time you can do it!


What? When? Who?
what 11:00 who
ownCloud setup and usage 13:00 jos
what 15:00 who


What? When? Who?
what 11:00 who
ownCloud setup and usage 13:00 jos
Colour Management in openSUSE 15:00 Kai-Uwe


What? When? Who?
Snapper Demonstration 11:00 Arvin Schnell
ownCloud setup and usage 13:00 jos
AppArmor Crashkurs 15:00 Christian Boltz


What? When? Who?
what 11:00 who
ownCloud setup and usage 13:00 jos
AppArmor Crashkurs 15:00 Christian Boltz

not yet scheduled / ideas

What? Who?
what who
what who
what who

Additional Program

We (Jürgen's Video Team) take responsibility for filming in one room and have tested a new setup for this purpose.

Instead of just filming and saving the raw input during the presentation and then spending much time on post-production later on we are doing everything on-the-fly with a program called DVSwitch.

So if you want to know how to direct or how to operate a camera you are welcome to our training on Tuesday around 4 pm - and, if you like, help us out later on. Training and recordings will be in Europe I, (or II?). Suse booth staff knows for sure.

After the Event

LinuxTag 2012 edit

  • Event Date
  • Event Sponsors
  • openSUSE Ambassadors
  • Helpers
  • Event Details
    • Tell us about the event, What did you do?
    • How many DVDs taken and distributed?
    • How many people were there at the event
    • How did you promote the Event?
      • Facebook
      • Twitter
      • Others
    • Any Interesting Story you will like to share with us?
    • Did you have a booth?
    • Who staffed the booth?
    • Would you go again?
    • What more can you do to make it better?
    • Other Comments like Will you blog about the event - and where? Who staffed the booth? Did you have a talk? Which topic? Would you organize again?