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openSUSE Innovators

The INNOVATORS for openSUSE project, is an initiative to share, disseminate and promote projects, articles and news about innovative projects on the openSUSE platform developed by the community and public and private companies.

All information on this wiki is related to innovative projects that use augmented reality technology, artificial intelligence, computer vision, robotics, virtual assistants and any and all innovative technology (in all hardware plataforms ).

This initiative search collaborators for the project, the objective is to show the power of the openSUSE platform in innovative projects. To send suggestions, criticisms or be part of the INNOVATORS openSUSE community, send an email to the administrator Alessandro de Oliveira Faria (A.K.A. CABELO) at the email

Warning: Following the openSUSE Trademark Policy, every project must use the "INNOVATORS for openSUSE" label.


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2020 May

Monitoring social distance to combat COVID-19

Using computer vision and deep learning techniques, the system analyzes the behavior of the population, calculating the necessary distance between people to avoid contagion. And with pedestrian and vehicle location algorithms, it is possible to obtain an estimate of the number of people traveling in a given region.

Social distance are behaviors that limit social interaction to reduce the spread of certain diseases. The adoption of these measures is important to prevent an increase in the number of people infected. Thus, the population is able to reduce the number of hospitalizations and avoid overloading the health system

ISOLALERT is a software developed in Brazil at openSUSE with oneAPI, openCV and Deep Learning. This project use artificial intelligence to minimize contagion of COVID-19. The project uses algorithmic data to obtain an estimate of the number of people and vehicles traveling within a specific region and calculates the necessary distance between individuals to reduce spread of the virus, supported by Intel® Distribution of openVINO™ toolkit.

openSUSE Innovators