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This page collects a list of items which need to be worked on.

Artwork ToDo for openSUSE 12.3

Distro side


  • Plymouth Branding: pretty much done (tittiatcoke and ilmehtar)
  • Grub2 branding: done (ilmehtar)
  • gfxboot branding: done (ilmehtar)
  • KDM: done (MM)
  • ksplash: done (MM)
  • kspahsh-qml: done (tigerfoot)
  • splashy cleanup : done (tigerfoot)
  • kdelibs: wip (Å¡umski)
  • YaST branding: done (ilmehtar/tigerfoot)
  • SUSEgreeter: done (Å¡umski)
  • xfce splash: done (ilmehtar)

Application splash screens will not be branded this time. There are some legal aspects that needs to checked. The work to drop application splash screens was not done, so we need to brand at least

  • Gimp - done (ilmehtar/tigerfoot) usage of the upstream banding inside our own svg.
  • Libreoffice - pmladek? source not in branding repo

Less urgent:

  • GNOME Wallpaper changing throughout the day: - done (kinda - ilmehtar)
  • GDM: - done (ilmehtar)
  • Testing and contributing to Michaels awesome adwaitia green theme for gnome 3 and tweaking any branding: -


Supplementary Wallpapers:

We are planning to include images that has been submitted to the Flickr group.

  • Pick images that fulfill our guidelines: -
  • Set up a doodle to vote for images that should be included: -
  • Create a package and submit it through obs: -

General Tasks (Low Priority):

Release Promo

Horizontal promo banners for sites:

Standard sizes - victohck, roguehorse, anditosan

  • Size X-Y: - 728X90 Done
  • Size X-Y: -120X600 Done
  • Size X-Y: -300X250 Done

CD Sleves

Not finished yet, victorhck made proposals, they're on git

Images for Release Announcement

Need to be done asap when the announcement is drafted

Presentation Slides

Slide templates are currently worked on, these can then be used to create the slides based on the feature guide / announcement draft

Release counter:

  • Size 130x130: done (MM)
  • Size 256x256: done (MM)
  • Size 400x400: done (MM)
  • Size 600x100: done (MM)

Release Poster:

  • done by victorhck, svg in artwork git

Promo for specific social media sites:

victorhck, roguehorse, anditosan

DONE: Sources can be found in artwork Github

Ambassador Program Promo

victorhck, roguehorse, anditosan

  • Stickers: - DONE - Sources can be found in Github. Marketing Materials/Stickers
  • Banners: DONE - Sources can be found in artwork Github
  • Buttons: - DONE - Sources can be found in artwork Github
  • Flyer (need redesign, see Cover and Interior, the text can stay the same): -