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tagline: From openSUSE

You can help spreading new release of openSUSE by adding these fabulous countdown timers to your website.


The pictures are statically generated on the countdown.opensuse.org server by a cron job, updated at 12:00 CET. This approach optimizes the performance on the server and also enables Apache to serve HTTP cache-control headers properly.

It is translated in many languages (english, german, czech, french, danish, russian, polish, dutch, finnish, spanish, italian, greek, swedish, croatian, norwegian, portuguese, hungarian, romanian, galician) and is automatically displayed in the language configured in the visitor's preferred language(s), with the same URL.


Just copy and paste the code under the picture into your webpage:

square, original (256x256)


 <a href="https://counter.opensuse.org/link/"><img src="http://countdown.opensuse.org/medium.png" border="0"/></a>

for wiki (XX is your language, eg. 'en'):

 [https://counter.opensuse.org/link/ http://countdown.opensuse.org/medium.XX.png]

square, small (130x130)


 <a href="https://counter.opensuse.org/link/"><img src="http://countdown.opensuse.org/small.png" border="0"/></a>

for wiki (XX is your language, eg. 'en'):

 [https://counter.opensuse.org/link/ http://countdown.opensuse.org/small.XX.png]

square, large (400x400)


 <a href="https://counter.opensuse.org/link/"><img src="http://countdown.opensuse.org/large.png" border="0"/></a>

for wiki (XX is your language, eg. 'en'):

 [https://counter.opensuse.org/link/ http://countdown.opensuse.org/large.XX.png]


 <a href="https://counter.opensuse.org/link/"><img src="http://countdown.opensuse.org/wide.png" border="0"/></a>

for wiki (XX is your language, eg. 'en'):

 [https://counter.opensuse.org/link/ http://countdown.opensuse.org/wide.XX.png]