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openSUSE:Artwork posters

tagline: From openSUSE

The openSUSE team has been and is working on posters for a variety of purposes. They can be found on this github page and you're free to browse through them and use them for any purpose under the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license.

Below some of them with links for easy download.

openSUSE Launch Party Poster

12.1 party poster

The openSUSE Launch Party posters below can be used primarily in two ways:

  • you can take the generic one and use that
  • you can modify the sources for your specific party

The current posters can all be found on this github page, it might be worth checking that page out as we might not have updated this page yet with new posters!

Changing the posters for your own party

The files are usually in one of two source formats: XCF (Gimp) or SVG (Inkscape). You can edit them as follows:


  1. install the Gimp with
    zypper in gimp
  2. Go to the page containing the source and download it by clicking the "raw" text. For that link, see below.
  3. Open the file in Gimp and modify the poster to show the text you want!
  4. Save the file as a png or jpg (for on-line usage) or export it to PDF as that's what printshops usually can handle.
  5. Go and spread them!


  1. Get Inkscape if you don't have it yet:
    zypper in inkscape
  2. Open the file and customize the text by double-clicking it and typing.
  3. Choose File and Export Bitmap. Choose page, pick a name and click on Export. Here you can modify the size and resolution if you want!
  4. You will get a PNG file as output which is good for online work. You can also choose to export to PDF, which is better for printing (most print shops can print pdf's without problems).
  5. Go and spread them!

openSUSE 12.1 Launch party posters

Balloons by Anditosan

The balloons poster (seen on the right) can be seen and downloaded from github. Click the png link and download it by clicking on the 'raw' text top-right of the poster.

You can find the sources on there in xcf file. Download it again by clicking the "raw" text.

green party poster by Alex Naumov

This poster can be seen in github. Click on Alex Naumov's posters and download by clicking on the 'raw' text top-right of the poster. This is not a generic poster, we don't have one for this, sorry!

The sources however, in SVG, can be downloaded from git too.


openSUSE is COOL posters by CarlosRibeiro

These posters aim to show people how 'cool' openSUSE is by each giving some attention to a great openSUSE project. They are very effective at conferences, making people go to your booth and ask questions!

If a link doesn't work, you can find the git repo with newer versions and sources here


Talks about the coolness of Tumbleweed. Needs updating but can be used. pdf svg png

Light version (often better for printing): pdf svg

OBS and Studio

Talks about the Open Build Service and SUSE Studio. Needs updating but can be used. svg png pdf

Light version (often better for printing): svg pdf

Community, openQA, Freedom

Gives links to our community, talks about openQA and how we value Freedom. Needs updating but can be used.

svg png pdf

Lighter version (often better for printing): svg pdf


Freedom, Choice and Community

Three generic posters each giving attention to one aspect of what we care about! Find high quality PDF versions here and PNG's here


Expresses openSUSE's belief of freedom. SVG file.


Expresses openSUSE's belief of choice. SVG file.


Talks about openSUSE's helpful community. SVG file.

Various subjects

Here are a bunch of posters that feature a one-liner and a short description of certain openSUSE features. You can view copyright information for a specific poster by clicking its thumbnail. All artwork has been cleared for non-commercial usage. High-quality PDFs of these posters are available here.