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Members of the electorate can vote in the board elections and run for a seat at the board.

In addition to voting rights, electorate members will get an email address, an IRC cloak (requires a registered nickname) and the opportunity to have a blogging account.

How to join the electorate

To become a member of the electorate, you must document a continued and substantial contribution to the openSUSE project.

To protect the board and the project, only contributors with a serious commitment are eligeble for membership. So if you're not sure yet how much you intend to contribute from now on, you can always apply later.

1. Contribute to openSUSE

Contributions include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Code, packaging, bug reporting and triaging
  • Translations, marketing and wiki editing
  • User support on any communication medium
  • Giving openSUSE Talks/Presentation and becoming an Advocate

Head over to Portal:How to participate to find more ways of helping out.

2. Document your contributions

If you don't have one already, you'll need to create an openSUSE account and Connect profile.

In your Connect profile, you should mention your contributions (click on your login in the navigation bar, and then the "Edit profile" button on the left bar; the contributions field is at the end)

You'll need to:

  • list what you do for openSUSE in detail
  • add links

If we can't verify your contributions, we're afraid they cannot be taken into account.

3. Accept the Guiding Priciples

To show your support of the Guiding principles, you must join the openSUSE geekos.

4. Register your IRC nick (optional)

If you want a @opensuse/member/username IRC cloak, you must have a regisered nick on freenode first.

4. Apply

The final step after completing all of the steps above, is to request to join the electorate group (click the "Request membership" button on the left).

Your application and contributions will be evaluated by the openSUSE Membership officials team.

Cancellation of your electorate membership

If you repeatedly violate the Guiding principles, the Board will revoke your membership status.

You can also choose to cancel your membership at any time by clicking the "Leave group" button on the page of the electorate or by sending an email to

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