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This is information for bloggers using


The topics of the blog posts should be related to the openSUSE project.

Note that many people in the openSUSE community blog on various blogging platforms and on a variety of topics including their personal live and everybody is encouraged to get their blog aggregated on Planet SUSE - where your lizards.o.o blog gets aggregated as well after the first post.

Getting an Account

You have to apply as openSUSE Member and click the "I want to blog" box. If you are already a member and did not request a Lizards account during your application, just request one at

Log in to lizards

Once you have an account at lizards.o.o setup, you can use your Novell/Bugzilla/Forums/Wiki account to login via this link. There is also a hidden link to it right above the search field on the site itself. The email address associated with your account must match some initially set record for your user within WordPress - otherwise the login will fail. In this case (eg you changed your email adress) please contact the site administrators.

Writing Posts

Once you logged in and went to "Write Posts", a page opens with a rich text editor. If you move the mouse over the icons, you get some help but let me explain the most important buttons: Wordpress-Write.png

  1. The title of our post
  2. The "Insert More Tag" button (see below)
  3. The "Show/Hide kitchen sink" button, it shows the next line with further options
  4. The "Help" button, it gives a short help of the visual editor
  5. A box where you can edit your post

Do not forget to add a category to your post, tick all that apply -and don't forget to untick the "Uncategorized" category.

Once you have written your post, use the "Preview this Post" button to preview your post, it will open a new page with the current post in it. If you are happy with it, use the "Publish" button and your post will go live on

WordPress regularly saves your draft and you can do so as well to continue writing later.

If your post is longer than a quarter of a page, please use the "More Quicktag" (see number 2 in the screenshot) so that only the first one or two paragraphs of the post are displayed on lizard.o.o's main page and a "Read the rest of this entry Â»" link is added at the place of the "More Quicktag" to link to the complete post.

Please read also the Wordpress Information.

Custom Feeds

WordPress allows to create custom feeds. Eg you can get a feed for the postings of an author to a certain category only with

Find out the numerical IDs for categories by searching for "cat-item" in home page's HTML and for authors by looking at author links in the admin interface.

Planet SUSE

If you would like to have your blog to be aggregated on Planet SUSE, please contact the admins by email or yaloki on IRC, with the following information:

  • your real name (e.g. John Doe)
  • your IRC nickname, if you have one (e.g. jdoe)
  • your lizard account name


Weblog Clients

Weblog clients do not work since we use iChain for authentification to have the same login and password on all our pages and the way the authentication works is not supported by weblog clients.


Some browsers do not present the editor interface properly, e.g. konqueror 3.5.9 might not show the 'Add Media' button. Firefox 3.0 does show it properly.

Getting Help

Please contact the site administrators if you have any problems with lizards.o.o.

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