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Ayatana Project for openSUSE edit

* openSUSE 12.2 with GNOME:Ayatana

Currently this repository is maintained by Xiao-Long Chen and Damian Ivanov and serves openSUSE 12.2, openSUSE Factory, as well as Fedora 17 and Arch Linux.

This is the wiki page for the openSUSE implementation of the Ayatana Project, a collective effort to improve user experience started by Canonical.

This project was started as a hobby for openSUSE only, by Nelson Marques an openSUSE community contributor, who abondoned it. After pick up by the current maintainers it evolved to a software repository for openSUSE, Fedora and Arch.

Through this wiki page you will find valuable information on how to install this repository software on your openSUSE. Fedora and Arch are not covered here. This wiki page covers the technical part, for details what unity/ayatana is see Ayatana Project

Supported openSUSE Platforms

Available Live CD's


Install GNOME:Ayatana


Install GNOME:Ayatana repository

Warning: Before you proceed note that the Ayatana project is still experimental in all other distributions then Ubuntu and Ubuntu based, doing this might lead to an unusable system!!!

The GNOME:Ayatana repository and requires higher priority over the standard openSUSE repositories. Since we're replacing some of the core components of openSUSE (like gtk3, gnome-session) the priority is important. The first thing we need to accomplish is to install the GNOME:Ayatana repository, this is achived by running the following command (as root):

zypper ar

followed by a repository refresh (which will prompt your to accept the key, make sure you do):

zypper refresh

At this stage the GNOME:Ayatana repository is installed but before we isntall the software it's required to give it higher priority over the openSUSE default repos (default priority is 99), this is done by performing the following command:

zypper mr -p 20 -r GNOME:Ayatana:12.1

Finally we need to perform a distribution upgrade to merge GNOME:Ayatana core components with your openSUSE installation. This is done through the (in)famous:

zypper dup

The only thing you are required to do now is to install one of the components provided by this repository using one of the 1-Click Installer links provided on the next topic!

Enjoy Ayatana on openSUSE!

GNOME:Ayatana 1-Click Installers

openSUSE 12.2

openSUSE Factory

News & Media

Community Contributors

  • Xiao-Long Chen - Lead maintainer, brought Fedora and Arch support.
  • Damian Ivanov - Lead maintainer, picked it up after GNOME:Ayatana was abandoned.

Special Thanks to ex-maintainers and translators