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Nelson Marques (nmarques, ketheriel)

Nelson Marques edit

Nelson Marques

Nelson Marques

About myself

My name is Nelson Marques and I'm from the city of Estarreja in the Northwestern coast of Portugal. I started to use Linux by a friends advice in the early days of the internet in Portugal. My first distribution was SuSE Linux 5.3 and kept on going with SuSE till late 7.x releases. I've also used Red Hat and then Fedora. I would eventually return back to openSUSE on the openSUSE 11.2 cycle.

I am a volunteer community contributor in openSUSE and do my contributions for the openSUSE GNOME Team where I maintain a few packages, help with bugs here and there. I'm also a Forum Moderator in the Portuguese language section of the openSUSE Forums, where I often help people around.


My Contributions to openSUSE


As a long time GNOME user (early adopter since the first days), it's somehow obvious that this would be an area in which I would place some contributions. Currently I try to help the GNOME Team in several tasks:

  • Help other openSUSE GNOME users in the openSUSE Forums and IRC;
  • Do some bug triage / fixing (those I can help with);
  • Update a few packages here and there;
  • Maintain a few packages for openSUSE GNOME:
    • Notify OSD - An alternative notification agent developed by Canonical;
    • Banshee - One of the best multi-platform Free Media Players;
    • GPick - An advanced color picker;
    • GEdit LaTeX Plugin;
    • etc...

GNOME:Ayatana Repository

I've started the GNOME:Ayatana Project which aims to provide some of the most popular software from Ubuntu for openSUSE Linux platforms. Currently this repository serves the following:

  • Ayatana Panel Indicators - A set of panel applets for GNOME2 and Unity (currently) designed to provide an elegant alternative GNOME Panel Applets.
  • Unity 2D - a Desktop Environment which aims for functionality and space saving for machines without 3D support.

Currently this software is available for the following platforms:

  • openSUSE 11.4;
  • openSUSE Factory.

There is a strong possibility that I'll make Unity available during the openSUSE 12.1 cycle. Time will tell...


I have attended openSUSE Conference 2010 in Nürnberg (Germany) where I presented a small talk about the importance of the fundamental concepts of Marketing for communities such as openSUSE.

The openSUSE Conference is the most important event for the openSUSE Community and it's a place where members, supporters, users and enthusiasts meet up to discuss their favorite subjects about Free Software and openSUSE Linux.