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openSUSE:GNOME team

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As part of the openSUSE project, we fully support the openSUSE:Guiding principles and goals of the project as a whole. In addition we wish to:

  • Create the best distribution of GNOME
  • Build an openSUSE community around the GNOME desktop
  • Attract upstream GNOME developers and users to openSUSE
  • Contribute to upstream GNOME development
  • Create a positive community atmosphere throughout openSUSE
  • Contribute to improving openSUSE as whole



Retired members (no longer active)

How to join

Just talk to us


Tasks For Everyone (Yes, that includes you)

Task Mentor
Update the Acronyms page captain_magnus
Write HOWTOs about GNOME under HOWTOs jpr
Review Also, see Packaging/Packaging_Day mw
Search and tag gnome-accessibility bugs suseROCKS
Improve our package summaries and descriptions mw
Categorize all the bugs and add 11.0 categories federico, rodrigo

Assigned Tasks

Tasks That Are Overdue Status ETA Assignee
Tasks To Be Completed Before Next Meeting Status ETA Assignee
Tasks That Are On Track Status ETA Assignee
Tasks That Are Assigned But Have No ETA Status ETA Assignee
Update the Acronyms page Not Started No ETA captain_magnus
Determine where to keep openSUSE GNOME specific code Not Started No ETA hpj
Review current GNOME:Community packages to match the G:C Policy Not Started No ETA mw,riggwelter
Propose a date and organize a multi-screen hackfest Done federico
Organize Bug Fixing Week for Beginners Not Started No ETA federico
Schedule review of GNOME related patterns Done captain_magnus
Research openSUSE speaking possibilities @ Utah-based CS Departments Not Started No ETA btimothy
Grep for desktop policy changes, update wiki and mail the list to start discussion Done vuntz
Add conduit to GNOME:Community Done No ETA mw
Look for and remove unnecessary gnome-vfs2 requirements Not Started No ETA mw

Additions (optional)

Wondering whom to ask about what? Check out our openSUSE:GNOME competence directory