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About Me edit

Nationality: American Residence: France (7 years+), moved to Silicon Valley

Former member of the openSUSE board. Resigned after joining SUSE as a Sales Engineer.

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Founder of Scribus Scribus One of the founders of LGM - the world wide meeting of open source graphics application developers and users. Contributions to Inkscape, Podofo and others. Deeply involved in reviewing openSUSE packages in a bunch of repos. Apache PMC of Apache Bigtop - the Hadoop packaging and integration project.

Prior to landing at SUSE, worked for Cloudera - The Hadoop Bigt Data startup.

Experienced in managing large international software development projects. Formerly worked as project manager for a EU funded research project with 55+ developers amongst 19 industrial and academic partners.

Contact edit

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IRC-nick: mrdocs

Blog: Scribus Development

Desktop environment: KDE/Blackbox

openSUSE related activities

  • While I am principally involved as core developer for Scribus, my participation in the community has been giving feedback to developers on OBS, KDE, koffice, printing, testing and being an active presence in many irc channels, mostly helping where possible in -buildservice
  • Packaging graphics applications and tools Repo