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I discovered linux through a work colleague in 2000 having obtained a SUN sparcstation IPX along with a 21" SUN monitor, keyboard and mouse. But I really cut my teeth working with linux on a single floppy disk internet router (coyotelinux) with nothing but the command line on a 486DX100 cpu small form factor (size of a 5 1/4 inch floppy drive) and since it had disk-on-chip support managed to recompile the kernel to include support for this.

After playing with various linux distributions I finally settled down with SUSE 9.2 from a magazine and was hooked :) Although SLED became my primary desktop OS in 2006 I still use openSUSE on my ASUS netbook and other systems in the house, I also have a few SUN Sparc systems as well running Solaris.

You will find me all over the openSUSE forums helping out, but I also enjoy using the Open Build Service to package up rpms for other users and myself. I also hang out on IRC #opensuse-gnome, helping out with packaging and updates.

I am from New Zealand. I'm currently a 'Stay at home Dad' living in Mississippi, am an openSUSE Member and a moderator on openSUSE Forums.

I recently became a member of the Novell Knowledge Partners Novell Knowledge Partners.