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Docs Team Meetings

Thursdays at [0600 UTC] at []

Kickoff meeting: 17 September, 2020

Call for Agenda items:


Attendees: Andrés Adrien Attila Frank Lana

  • Introduction from Frank, who leads the SUSE documentation team, about the way the docs repo ( works currently. Docs are written in Docbook XML, and use the DAPS toolchain. Repo is open to PRs from anyone who wishes to contribute.
  • Discussion about whether a new guide could be added directly to the repo, or whether we should start a different/new repo. Frank confirmed that a new guide could be added to the existing docs repo, and no new repo would be required.
  • Adrien outlined the video proposal, a short series of videos for newcomers. Discussion of the value of video offerings, and general agreement that they would bring value.
  • Discussion about the existing wiki, and comparison to how other projects (KDE, Ubuntu, etc) organise their documentation between wiki, formal docs, videos, forums, etc.
  • Discussion about having a central site to allow people to choose which form of documentation they would prefer. openSUSE has many domains available, but seems to be the most reasonable. The code for that site is in github ( This is probably the best starting point for this team.

Action item (Everyone) Take a look at the doc-o-o GH repo, request access, and think about how you would like to update it to act as a documentation portal.

  • Additionally, we would like to have a redirect from the main (possibly in the form of a 'documentation' link in the top right hand corner.

Action item (Frank & Lana) Determine who owns that site and how to get the link added.

  • Housekeeping topics: Lana proposed an alternating schedule and timezone for these meetings, which means everyone should be able to attend at least every couple of weeks.

Action item (Lana) Set up meeting schedule and send out details.

  • Discussion about working out how to get started. Frank suggested we do some brainstorming.

Action item (Everyone) Add ideas for docs projects we want to tackle to the wiki, for prioritisation and planning in future meetings.