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Docs meeting minutes: 16th of April

Were there: Ivo, Onuralp, Ethan, Gertjan, Adrien (taking these minutes)

Onuralp suggested to add pyspelling to the toolchain. This python package is able to perform parsing and spell checks on the entire documentation. The expected workflow is to add it to the dependencies (done), including a "custom dictionary file" which acts as a global whilelist for acceptable terms. Contributors would then be able to run pyspelling >> results.txt to render the results. Useful not just for spellchecks but also for consistency with styling and conventions. Onuralp added a joker pattern to exclude specific files which can be updated if more exclusions are required.

Idea welcomed and pyspelling added via merge commits ce40ce3efb31744893b24761ea280f42f84ccbb7 and ec1bfba37fd16a4b3b79d06b4ebcbe32841a28da.

Onuralp still has to to see if certain linguistic rules can be enforced by the checker (for instance if missing capital letters at the beginning of sentences or punctuation errors can be caught). He will also have to look into ways to properly escape mardown symbols for better quality parsing.

It was also suggested to create a GitHub action for running the checks. No blocker was mentioned.

Contributors also welcomed Onuralp's idea to wire the docs to weblate, a multi-platform service for creating narrowly defined portions of texts, exposing them as translation targets suitable for cross-language comparisons. More homework is required to ascertain how exports & imports to and from weblate will be implemented, but the idea is also accepted.

It was finally agreed to provide richer and more explicit guidelines on use of markdown expressions and style.