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Desired features

  1. GitHub integration
  2. full-text search
  3. host agnostic / low footprint
  4. FOSS

Most promising

Sphinx (as a service with "Read the Docs")


  • markdown on Python stack
  • hot reload
  • quite neutral on what env it needs
  • super simple to use
  • supports all flavours of markdown via python Markdown library
  • active community / easy support


  • WSIWYG, Markdown on Laravel, PHP, MySQL tech stack
  • super clean
  • user-friendly front-end
  • configuration aside, has a very flat learning curve

Antora + Adoc

  • AsciiDoc, JS-equivalent of MkDocs (Node driver for Ascidoctor)
  • the AsciiDoc part of the tech stack is arguably better than any rival as far as formatting & typography
  • the Antora part of the tech stack is relatively young / less battle proven
  • the AsciiDoc has quite a learning curve

The come-afters

Hugo & Docsy

  • pure Go web framework
  • nice blend of markdown and html-like syntaxt via shortcodes
  • perhaps an overkill if we don't need to build a full website
  • some learning curve to expect, especially if using markdown with "shortcodes"


  • markdown, Node stack fronted with ReactJS
  • hot reload
  • tight github integration
  • godawful docs
  • overkill if we don't use ReactJS
  • some learning curve to expect

  • in house
  • kinda not so beautiful


  • for JS-heavy websites
  • too heavy of a tech debt for future maintainers


  • same as for Gatsby


  • mostly for API


  • lacks features


  • mostly for APIs

GitHub Pages

  • locked into
  • generic web page generator not particularily oriented toward documentation

  • non FOSS
  • non platform agnostic