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Minutes Nov 27, 2020



Seed a workflow & get things spinning.

Said & done

  • Adrien: rehearsed the need for a more user-centric docs, putting most pressing issues for most people at the center of the future docs; suggested that Tumbleweed users and Linux freshmen were not really catered to by the current docs
  • Badr: emphasized the need for a knowlege base to complement the "docs proper" (aka formal user guide)
  • TEAM: agreed on a more user-centric docs, starting off with most frequent issues and building a knowledge base around them
  • TEAM: deliberated on what would be the next steps
  • Adrien: mentioned different options; either
   1. lay out good ideas on top of technical information: make recommendations / best practices / give opinions for which tools to use and how; or
   2. take a step back: build autonomy with more distro-neutral tools for users to become capable of identifying and debugging their own issues

No decision was made yet.

  • Mike: identified a key loophole in the current debate, which is that we should document openSUSE's infrastructure and explain how it can be taken advantage of for the benefit of all
  • Adrien: mentioned that knowledge-based articles should have three angles (when relevant): solve an actual issue, build openSUSE skills (including infra when applicable), build autonomy as far as Linux more generally; each angle could be collapsed or expanded through interaction
  • Mike: emphasized the need for modular documents whose contents we can reused across distributions

To follow

Badr: raised the issue of whether mkdocs supported versioning and knowledge-based-like contents structure; he accepted to check that this is the case (versioning plugin:; moving to another solution is a live option should mkdocs not provide the feature Attila: set to configure the Elastic Search stack by the first half of next week Mike: intends to draft a first KB article documenting software-o-o