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Minutes Dec 18, 2020

Were there

Attila, Ivo, Adrien

Things we said

  • Adrien claimed we should aim at a maintainership-based approach, i.e. we should get contributors to endorse medium-long term responsibilities for new pages, under the friendly supervision of 1-2 overarching maintainers / coordinators; and the coordinators should, whenever possible, identify possible contributors and nicely introduce them to the GitHub repository.
  • Attila shared the idea and underlines the need to not have the workflow rely too heavily on a single person or few people, as it makes the entire project brittle

Overall the team agreed to aim for the maintainership as a set ideal, but is aware that this won't be always feasible

  • Ivo & Attila emphasized that Leap fixed-point releases are much less dangerous than their Ubuntu counterparts, making our distros appealing to people in need of stability (i.e. professionals)

The team agreed on putting aside documentation, we should not focus on complete freshmen type of Linux users, we should instead put openSUSE distros in the best contrastive light there is (professional, IT, DevOps)

The team also agreed we need a guide for Factory and openQA in a benefit / share / give back relationship

Things we planned

Nothing beside pursuing with the workflow already running on the docs public repository.