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Welcome to the Foundation Portal edit

Over the past year and a half, there have been ongoing discussions and presentations from openSUSE community members formulating the merits of a non-profit foundation; to better fulfill the needs of the openSUSE community. The ideas and conclusions of those efforts are captured and converged on this portal.

Discussion points edit

This is the current state of the discussion around the creation of an openSUSE Foundation
Warning: All this info and the documents are DRAFTS that help the people who work together on forming the foundation to keep track of their work! They are in no way final and represent only the current state of the discussion

Information materials

  • Invitation to Contribute
    • Moderator: AlanClark
    • Status  : Topic is now open for mailing list discussions and active document review
    • Results :


  • The Board
    • Moderator: prusnak
    • Status  : Topic is not open for input yet
    • Results :


Policies and Procedures

  • Financial Accounting
    • Moderator: AlanClark
    • Status  : Topic is now open for mailing list discussions
    • Results :
  • Board Elections
    • Moderator: rhorstkoetter
    • Status  : Topic is not open for input yet
    • Results :
  • Transition to the Foundation - launch plans,ratification, members meeting,...
    • Moderator: TBD
    • Status  : Topic is not open for input yet
    • Results :

Discussion Rules edit

The discussion about the openSUSE Foundation happens on the mailing list

Everybody that wants to be part of the openSUSE Foundation is encouraged to participate. We have agreed on the following rules for the discussion.

  1. In all of this we are trying to find compromise and consensus. This is not about getting it your way. We need to build something together!
  2. We discuss a single aspect of the foundation at a time. Not the whole foundation and all it's aspects at once. The list of items to discuss is tracked on the Wiki. We need to focus!
  3. We discuss these aspects by trying to make clear our intentions and by agreeing on the important points. Not by hammering out elaborated paragraphs of text. Bullet points first, formulations later. We need to keep track of the important matters.
  4. If you start a thread about an aspect you are the moderator for it. The moderator is supposed to have an eye on these rules, summarize and track progress, call an end to the discussion and present the results on the Wiki. We need results!
  5. The discussion is limited to arguments. That means if you agree you don't say anything. No "I like this!" mails. If you disagree with something you make an argument against it. No "I don't like this!" mails. We need to keep the length of the discussion to a minimum!
  6. We only re-visit a previous discussed topic if the _result_ of a discussion of another topic is that we need to. When we agree on something it's the way it is. We need to be able to rely on things!