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Warning: All this info and the documents are DRAFTS that help the people who work together on forming the foundation to keep track of their work! They are in no way final and represent only the current state of the discussion


The name of the foundation is openSUSE. The Foundation's registered office is located in Nuremberg, Germany.


In the discussion of this topic (discussion) we could see that:

  • most of the openSUSE admins are from Germany or the nearby countries;
  • german associations can receive donations;
  • dealing with software pattents (as in "restricted formats") in not the primary goal of the foundation;
  • however, the main foundation langage have to be english, so all the legal stuff will have to be translated acurately before any discussion.
  • The legal form of the foundation is to be a German voluntary association (wikipedia:Eingetragener_Verein).

The Board

  • Board
    • The board is elected by the general meeting of the members
    • Board decisions require a simple majority (quorum)
    • super majority in case of spending over $X (full board)
    • The board can pass motions (by simple majority) to delegate to committees or have only one or two person's OKs being sufficient, etc...
    • super-majority to disband the e.V.
  • number of directors
  • Officers of the Foundation
    • President
    • Vice President
    • Treasurer
  • Description of Board duties and responsibilities

Quorum voting procedures