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Warning: All this info and the documents are DRAFTS that help the people who work together on forming the foundation to keep track of their work! They are in no way final and represent only the current state of the discussion

Membership Rules

  • Membership
    • Who are the members
    • General Conditions for Membership
    • Priveleges of membership
    • Membership termination
    • membership resignation
    • Process for becoming a member
    • handling membership
      • At the discretion of the board (keep current process)
      • Membership can be a active and inactive
        • Members becomes inactive when not present at the yearly meeting twice in a row (board then decides)
        • short path for inactive members to become active again, e.g. a single vote by a board member is enough
      • Votes can be proxied

Electing Board Representatives

The Foundation will leverage the current Board election rules with the following proposed modifications

    • Clarification on the words 'election period'.
      • Proposed language: "No person shall be elected to the openSUSE board more than twice in a row, and no person who has held the board for more than one years of a term to which some other person was elected as board member shall be elected to the board more than once."