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openSUSE:Non Confidence Petition

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Non-Confidence Petition

A call for the re-election of the openSUSE Board was made by openSUSE member Pierre Böckmann on the 13th of March 2020 here.

What do the Board rules say?

The openSUSE Board election rules state the following regarding "forced re-election":

« If 20 per cent or more of the openSUSE members require a new board, an election will be held for the complete elected Board seats. »

How to measure the will of the openSUSE Members?

The Election Committee has set up an electronic petition whereby openSUSE members can state whether they support a re-election of the openSUSE Board by casting a vote. The procedure will be the same as previous electronic elections, except if you do not want to sign the petition simply do not vote.

openSUSE members having an active membership will receive a voting link and credential on their member email alias. Once they logon to the voting platform they will be presented a question:

  • Do you want to sign the petition to call for a re-election of the openSUSE Board?

There will be only one answer to select:

  • Yes, I want to sign the petition to call for a re-election of the openSUSE Board. - With a link to this Wiki page as an explanation.

Only members who want to sign the petition to call for a non-confidence vote can do so by voting yes.

The petition will allow the Election Committee to measure whether 20% of the community are in favour of a re-election.

The petition schedule

30 June 2020

  • Publish wiki page about the petition, its schedule & procedure
  • Announcement of the petition on the project mailing list & social media
  • Ballot is open

14 July 2020

  • Ballot is closed

15 July 2020

  • Result is announced on the mailing list

Election Committee

The committee comprises of the following openSUSE Members:


You can contact the committee using the mail address


  • Total number of eligible voters: 509
  • Total number of votes recorded: 104
  • Number of "Yes" votes recorded: 59
  • Number of "Blank" votes recorded: 45
  • Percentage of "Yes" votes: 11.6%

Petitioners did not obtain the 20% required by the board election rules. The result was announced on the project mail list by Ariez Vachha.