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openSUSE:Marketing team

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The marketing leads all promotional activities around openSUSE aimed to increase the presence and visibility on the web and in as many places around the world as possible. This includes

  • Develop consistent message about openSUSE Project
  • Engage (create team liaisons ) with all openSUSE teams to promote their specific works.
  • Collaborate with the openSUSE Ambassadors Team to attend and staff FOSS events globally.
  • Provide Ambassador Team with materials they need for their work
  • Collaborate with Artwork Team to develop materials that support the marketing message.
  • Pen articles and tutorials promoting openSUSE Project's works.
  • Plan and write news releases of relevant openSUSE accomplishments.
  • Provide support to openSUSE News Team
  • Maintain good presence on media/social media sites (eg. Wikipedia, Twitter)
  • Helping Hands events. (More to come.)
  • Provide coordination assistance for global events (e.g. Launch Parties, news releases, etc.) with Ambassadors.
  • Work with other marketing teams on common interests.



This is how you can communicate with us.


  • TBD

How to join

If you want to participate in our efforts just talk to us.

Works in Progress

Those are works that are currently in progress, if you think you can help just follow the links.

Brainstorming Initiative
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