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The goal of the Local Coordinator programme is to improve the promotion of openSUSE, and to establish local users, communities and contributors for openSUSE

Definition - What is a Local Coordinator?

A Local Coordinator is an established contributor to the openSUSE project who has volunteered to be an 'engagement point' for their users and contributors from their geographic region.

Ideally an openSUSE Member, a Local Coordinator must be aware of the workings of the openSUSE project, and at least be aware of who to talk to if they need help, or where to direct users and contributors when they need help.

Duties - What is a Local Coordinator expected to do?

  1. Be a designated guidance point for users and contributors from that region. With their details listed on the Wiki as the designated contact, and ideally also through regular Local meetings, local users and contributors should see their Local Coordinator as an easy way of learning more about the openSUSE project and a conduit to learn where to go and what to do to get their issues addressed. A good Local Coordinator would seek to mentor local users/contributors and teach them how they can address any issues themselves. Where appropriate, the Coordinator would be expected to contact the Board to make them aware of any major community issues effecting their particular region.
  2. Ensure that openSUSE is well represented at any important local FLOSS events. This may include attending the events as a representative of the Project, but a good Local Coordinator is expected to organise other users and contributors to also to attend, represent openSUSE, and evangelise about our Project.
  3. Promote the openSUSE related activities happening in their local area. Through various media (Blogs, news.o.o articles, social networking), a Local Coordinator should advertise the goings on of the openSUSE project, and use that platform to encourage others to engage and get involved with the Project.
  4. Remain active – Local Coordinators who are not regularly doing the above are expected to stand down so an active replacement can be found.


As an openSUSE Local Coordinator, you would be entitled to

  • A listing on the official list of openSUSE Local Coordinators
  • Able to identify yourself as an openSUSE Local Coordinator online, business cards, CV, etc.
  • WATCH THIS SPACE - we are investigating other possibilities, such as having all active Local Coordinators credited in each openSUSE release


If you are interested in becoming one of openSUSE's first Local Coordinators, please contact Board Member Richard Brown at

Current Coordinators

Name Country / Region Contact
Carlos Ribeiro Brazil CarlosAlbertoNovell
Domingos Teurel Brazil Dteruel
Michal Hrusecky Czech Republic -miska-
Jimmy Pierre France
Richard Brown Great Britain RBrownCCB
Kostas Koudaras Greece Warlordfff
Peter Czanik Hungary czanik
M. Edwin Zakaria Indonesia medwin
Alexjan Carraturo Italy Axjslack
Nitin K Sookun (Ish) Mauritius Ishwon
Abayomi Ayoola Nigeria murpheus
Chuck Payne USA (Georgia/South East) terrorpup
James Mason USA (Washington/North West) bear454

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