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About Me edit

I live in Prague (Czech Republic). First Linux distribution I installed successfully was SUSE 6.3. Back there I didn't have Internet connection so I was pretty dependent on whatever distribution I'll get on CD easily. After some time my CD delivery switched to Mandrake so did I. When I got Internet, I switched to FreeBSD and I was using it for few years. Then I switched to Gentoo and used it happily for another few years. But as Gentoo is something that needs some care and I have to maintain several computers, I switched most of them to openSUSE. So I started with SUSE and ended with openSUSE :-D

I worked for SUSE Linux in Prague office for several year. I worked on Linux with many brilliant people and since I joined Boosters, I also got to the conferences and talked about how great Linux is. Nowadays I work for company called Eaton, but in their open source team and I'm promoting the open source way in the company that has not so much experience with it :-)

Contact edit

Michal Hrušecký

Michal Hrušecký

|miska| on IRC