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openSUSE:GNOME topics to write about

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openSUSE GNOME Topics To Write About

Want to write about something but need some ideas? -or- Want to suggest a topic, but don't have the time to write?

Here at openSUSE GNOME, we're always looking for inspiration. Maybe you want to write an article, but have no idea what to write about? Or maybe you'd like to see a HowTo and want to suggest it? This is the place where we can exchange ideas.

Suggest an Article

Articles or blogs are a great way to spread the word about the good things going on with openSUSE GNOME. Check the list below or add a topic.

More than one person can write on the same topic. The more articles out there, the better!

Topic Notes about Topic
Available apps not shipped with the distro

Suggest a HowTo

HowTos are a great way to help users learn how to use openSUSE effectively. Suggest a topic or select a topic to write.

  1. Select a topic
  2. Add your name in the Name column
    1. This is important: When others see your name, they may want to collaborate with you.
  3. WRITE!
  4. When done, add your Howto to openSUSE HowTo
  5. Add a link to your HowTo in the GNOME HowTo column.
  6. Enter "Yes" in the Completed column.
Topic Name(s) Completed?
Suggested HowTo Topic suseROCKS Yes
Extending the desktop by scripting rodrigo No
GNOME development rodrigo, Jtorres No