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This page is meant to be a brainstorming area for features to focus on for GNOME in openSUSE 11.4. This page lists a subset of features from openFATE that are in consideration for inclusion in openSUSE 11.4. It is not meant to replace openFATE in any way, and feature requests must still be made on openFATE rather than here.

Done in Factory

New notification theme

  • openFATE reference: 308457
  • Debut: Milestone 1 (released on Sep 2)
  • How to test: Use GNOME in openSUSE 11.4 Milestone 1 (or later)
  • Known issues:
    • Bug #636846 - Notification bubble appears on top right instead of bottom right [fixed]

Automatic installation of gstreamer codecs

  • openFATE reference: 310472
  • Debut: Milestone 2 (expected)
  • How to test
    • Start totem and open an mp3 file. you should see the dialog about missing codecs (which we had before). A click on search will bring a list of required packages (this is the new part) that will get installed. The root password will need to be provided to install the packages, then the mp3 file has to play.
  • Known issues

Webm support

  • openFATE reference: 309589
  • Debut: Milestone 2 (expected)
  • How to test
    • Use GNOME on openSUSE 11.4 Factory
    • Use a Webm supported browser, including any of the following:-
      • Epiphany [see here]
      • Firefox 4 beta 1 and later
      • Google chrome 6, beta and dev
      • Opera 10.60 and later
      • Chromium nightly builds
    • Browse Webm videos on youtube
  • Known issues
    • None yet

Really get rid of HAL by default

  • We only kept HAL to load cpufreq modules during the boot.
  • A new init script was added to pm-utils to do this, and hal got removed from the patterns, so it should be fixed when this enters Factory.

Work in Progress

GTK client for Smolt

  • openFATE reference: 310490
  • Progress:
  • Expected by Milestone?

openSUSE GNOME 3 respin

  • Release openSUSE 11.4 GNOME3 respin on the day GNOME3 is released.
  • Promote the respin via m-l, blogs, tweets, etc. i.e. make a lot of fuss about it :)

Get rid of SuSEconfig for GNOME

  • Not really a feature in itself, but a long-standing fix
  • Some things just don't work well if you don't call SuSEconfig after installing packages, or changing configuration (icons being the most visible part, but we had SuSEconfig scripts for glib2, gtk2, gdm, desktop-file-utils)
  • This will all just work fine now.

Under consideration

Replace gnomesu by something more modern

  • openFATE reference: 305640
  • To do: need decision from the security team on what's best to choose: pkexec of gksu-polkit. Then, fix the tool to work the way it should.
  • Decision?

Integration with symbolic icons for gnome

  • To do: Backporting patches from integration work upstream
  • Decision?

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