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New packages that would do well as a part of GNOME in openSUSE 11.4

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Proposed new packages

  • avage: a color-palette generation program [1]
  • gbirthday: a birthday reminder that helps you to remember your contacts' birthdays [2]
  • gedit latex plugin: [3]
    • nmarques, available on home:ketheriel, needs massive testing and trying to fix a way to make it 'noarch' instead of exploiting %{_libdir} macros.
      • this plugin needs also 'rubber' for compiling document and 'python-poppler' for embedded preview. Both packages are available in OBS, but not in Factory.
        • Already changed the package, going to submit after deps are in factory.
  • gnome-subtitles: subtitle editor [4]
  • gst-editor: graphical pipeline editor for gstreamer [5]
  • redshift: tool to adjust the color temperature of the screen according to surroundings [6]
  • rtmpdump: toolkit for RTMP streams, including a library needed for a gstreamer plugin [7]
    • nmarques, working on it.
  • smuxi: IRC client [8]
  • subtitleeditor: subtitle editor [9]
  • teatime applet: [10]
    • DimStar working on it
  • weather-wallpaper: create a wallpaper based on the weather [11]
    • The_Code working on it
  • wiican: assistant to use wiimotes [12]
    • vuntz working on it. Available in home:vuntz. Needs testing, and requires games/cwiid to be pushed to Factory.

Already in Factory

September 24th (~ Milestone 2) - ...:

  • gst-rtsp: gstreamer rtsp server [13]
  • pidgin-embedded-video: view videos embedded in pidgin chat window [14]
  • x-tile: applet to tile windows [15]

August 26th - September 24th (~ Milestone 2):

  • arista: video transcoder [16]
  • cherrytree: hierarchical note taking application [17]
  • evolution-tray: evolution plugin to minimize to tray [18]
  • fillmore and lombard: audio and video editors [19] [20]
  • gcstar: personal collections manager [21]
  • glib-networking: gio module to use libproxy [22]
  • gnac: audio converter [23]
  • gnonlin: gstreamer plugin for non-linear editors [24]
  • gstreamer-0_10-plugins-gl: OpenGL-based plugins for gstreamer [25]
  • gtk3-branding-openSUSE: openSUSE branding for GTK+ 3
  • libdmapsharing: library needed for DAAP support in rhythmbox [26]
  • libkate: overlay codec, for karaoke and text (needed for gstreamer plugin) [27]
  • libraw: raw decoding library (needed for shotwell) [28]
  • libtimidity: MIDI to WAV library (needed for gstreamer plugin) [29]
  • libvpx: VP8 codec (WebM) [30]
  • memphis: library to render openstreetmap tiles (for libchamplain) [31]
  • pitivi: video editor [32]
  • rygel: UPnP for GNOME [33]
  • shotwell: a photo manager [34]
  • sparkleshare: file sharing and collaboration tool [35]
  • transmageddon: video converter [36]
  • vboxgtk: GTK+ frontend for virtualbox [37]

August 11th - August 26th:

  • alarm-clock-applet: An applet for gnome-panel [38]
  • deja-dup: a backup tool [39]
  • drapes: Wallpaper manager [40]
  • geany-plugins: plugins for the geany text editor [41]
  • gnome-icon-theme-symbolic: symbolic icons for GNOME [42]
  • gtkhotkey: Platform independent hotkey handling for Gtk+ applications [43]
  • gtkparasite: debugging and development tool [44]
  • gupnp-dlna: helpers for building DLNA applications [45]
  • libgexiv2: gobject-based exiv2 wrapper [46]
  • libgrss: library needed for RSS miner in tracker [47]
  • libmodman: module management library (split from libproxy) [48]
  • valencia: a gedit plugin for vala [49]

Before August 11th:

  • atkmm: atk bindings for C++, split from gtkmm [50]
  • blueproximity: utility to lock your desktop when your bluetooth phone is not near the computer [51]
  • dconf: new configuration backend, that is used by GSettings (which lives in glib). This has started replacing gconf. [52]
  • folks: library used by empathy to handle contacts. It will make it possible to have metacontacts in the future. [53]
  • gdk-pixbuf: library split from GTK+ [54]
  • gtk3: GTK+ 3! We try to build nothing against it at the moment, but it's useful to have for developers. [55]
  • mail-notification: a notification icon to monitor new mails [56]
  • python-clutter*: python bindings for clutter. [57]
  • telepathy-logger: new dependency for empathy, to make sure that all the logging of chats works even if you chat from another app than empathy (eg, gnome-shell) [58]

Done but yet to enter Factory

September 24th (~ Milestone 2) - ...:

  • evolution-rss: rss support in evolution [59]
    • In GNOME:Apps, submitted to GNOME:Factory. Thanks Dominique!
  • gnome-dvb-daemon: daemon to setup your DVB devices, record and watch TV shows and browse EPG [60]
    • In GNOME:Apps, staying there a bit for testing.
  • gsettings-desktop-schemas: shared gsettings schemas.
    • In GNOME:Factory, submitted to GNOME:Factory. Thanks Dominique!

August 26th - September 24th (~ Milestone 2): All included in Factory now!

August 11th - August 26th: All included in Factory now!

Before August 11th:

  • jessyink: some inkscape magic to write slides
    • In GNOME:Apps: we need to fix the conflict with the version shipped with inkscape.
  • libpeas: library to make it easy to integrate plugins in applications. This is targetted at GNOME 3, but we package it now to make life of developers easier.
    • In GNOME:Factory: not needed in Factory since this is a GNOME3-library only.
  • yelp-xsl: some xslt stylesheets that will be used for GNOME 3
    • In GNOME:Factory: not needed in Factory since this is for yelp 3.

Deleted/deprecated packages

August 26th - September 24th (~ Milestone 2): Nothing.

August 11th - August 26th:

  • eggdbus: glib-based dbus library, now merged in glib (gdbus)
  • libnjb and njb-sharp: old library that nothing uses anymore (last user was banshee)

Before August 11th:

  • libtelepathy: old deprecated library, replaced by telepathy-glib
  • beagle stack (libbeagle, beagle-xesam, beagle-quickfinder, beagle): this is dead upstream, and we've replaced it with tracker.
  • galago stack (libgalago-gtk, libgalago, galago-sharp, galago-gtk-sharp, galago-daemon, evolution-galago, gaim-galago): the galago project is dead, and is really replaced by telepathy nowadays
  • glade: this is the glade 2.x application. It's now completely replaced by glade3.
  • glitz: old (and unmaintained for years) cairo GL backend. Replaced by some new GL backend in cairo 1.9.x.
  • mergeant: this was a gnome-db UI, and is now replaced by the gda-browser tool in recent libgda
  • libgnomedb3: this was a library that we kept only for mergeant

New-app-of-the-week project

Idea proposed by vuntz.

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